Walking My Desteni Process -The Principles – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 720


Walking my process with Desteni over the last 7 or 8 years has had a substantial impact on my life.

One interesting thing about this process is that there is so many ways one can participate. Over the years I have engaged with this process in various ways and all of these has contributed to who I am today.

The principles upon which Desteni stands and is founded is one of the reasons that it has made the difference it has in my own life.

The principles is the CORE, is the message. And I have found that to endeavor to live by such principles has supported me immensely in my life. A reason I see this is, because these principles are structured in a way to actually Honor Life and Support life to be its fullest potential.

If I lived by principles that were, by design, limited and based in concepts embedded with fear or self interest, then to live by such principles would inevitably bare the fruit of self-interest, fear, and limitation.

It has been a challenging process because up until I was introduced to Desteni and it’s message of Supporting Life to be and become its fullest potential, I had lived a different message, a message taught to me by and through my environment and culture, a message that was fundamentally destructive, and so now to switch from a message of Destruction to message of Support, has been quite a process, and I am still walking through and within many challenges in doing this.

In blogs to come I will share about the different ways through the years that I have practically participated and engaged myself within the Desteni Process so that you can get an idea of the different ways to do this.

It has been an immense challenge and an immense joy to walk this process and to continue to walk this process as I do each moment I am alive and breathing, assisting and supporting myself to move from consciousness to awareness.


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