Practically Creating Intentions Into Reality – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 718


Tonight I finished the series on “Intentions” that you can find on Eqafe. After listening to this series I experience myself to be a lot more clear and empowered within myself in relation to creating my life in a way that will be beneficial to myself and others.

This morning as I went about some daily tasks I began to become frustrated within myself. During these tasks I wasn’t as much noticing the shift within myself from stability into frustration where it wasn’t until later in the afternoon when I noticed myself angry and clearly possessed by a reaction that I acknowledged within myself that I must now go back in my day to identify the point/moment when the reaction began.

I traced it back to the early morning when I began to become frustrated, and flustered in relation to some art related activities that I was busy with.

At this stage in my life, I have created my Art to be my primary career. As such, there is various aspects of having this be a career that require attention and direction. From a certain perspective there is a lot of potential in terms of the various ways I can expand and enhance this point, and this has been something that I haven’t been satisfied with within my life in terms of my creative efficacy within really growing my Art into what I see is a potential way or ways it could exist.

So this relates back to the series of interviews I listened to on Eqafe on ‘Intentions’ where what I identified within my own life while listening to these interviews is how I have had so many intentions with my Art, and how so many of my intentions never actually go through the creation process and become manifest in this real time 3D world but only ever continue existing in the mental realms of my mind as ‘intentions’ only.

So as I listened to this series of interviews over the last couple weeks, I looked at what it was exactly that caused me to not make my Intentions in relation to Art an actual physical creation. And one dimension that I observed with why this was is because so often I would just simply give up, mostly even before I began where like today, I would have a reaction come up, I would become overwhelmed and instead of supporting myself within clearing the reaction and continuing on, I would just go ahead and give up.

I would also actually doubt my intentions a lot, like when they come up within my mind I go into the thinking patterns of

‘what’s the point’

‘those will just be a waste of time’

‘those are just useless thoughts’

And so with having these thoughts, along with the emotional experience of feeling overwhelmed, I would give in, and just stop moving the points.

And I never actually considered that the problem wasn’t actually the nature of the intentions coming up, but that it was more my relationship to these intentions in terms of how I would normally act or react in relation to them. Like how I judged them and so never bothered to take the physical planning and actions to bring them into reality.

And now as I am writing this out for myself I am seeing this particular potent dimension of why it was that I didn’t ever bring my intentions into creation in relation to my art. It was because I judged them and I didn’t think they were worth my time.

So in identifying this, I can now implement the correction of rather than judging my Intentions that come up within myself, I can investigate them practically, and made a decision on some kind of physical direction I can take to actually start physically manifesting and creating these intentions into physical reality.

This was another supportive aspect of the series of interviews I listened to. They provided a clear practical guideline with how to go about making that shift inside yourself so that you can move yourself from intention into physical creation.

So with myself I identified some personal dimensions, such as the judgments I had towards my own intentions, and how this influenced me within giving up even bothering to walk the necessary physical actions to bring them into existence.

Though, along side this there are other dimensions to consider as well, and this is where the interview series really added a lot of value to my life because yes, I identified my own judgments towards my intentions through listening to the series, but that is only one dimension and the series covers some very practical considerations and dimensions that is necessary to getting the ‘full picture’ so that I can now, in realizing I have judged my intentions, do something about it with having access to the insights I gained through listening to this series,

You can find the full series here on Eqafe –


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