Lemmie just check my phone quick – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 715

20131203_011215 (2)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use scrolling through facebook as a way to occupy my attention for a moment, but where this way of occupying my attention is more of just distracting myself instead of being Self Directive.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to continue persisting with allowing myself to distract myself in moments during my day through by grabbing my phone and scrolling through facebook instead of in these moments, taking a breath and remaining Here and Self Present within myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to throughout my day go onto facebook and scroll mindlessly as a way to distract myself instead of in such moments BEING SELF DIRECTIVE, where this point of scrolling through facebook has been a way for me to in moments quickly divert my attention away from the point of actually having to make a decision to be SELF DIRECTIVE, where instead of doing this, I will just divert my attention and think that there is no harm in it, when I do this multiple times a day then this starts to add up and accumulate into many minutes, and hours wasted instead of having been Self Present and Self Directive which would be a more effective use of myself.

When and as I see myself experiencing an urge to ‘quickly check my phone’ which in most cases consists of going onto facebook and scrolling around briefly to see if I can entertain myself for a moment, when and as I see this urge come up within me to do this, to stop myself and take a deep breath in and in the in breath, breath myself back into my body as the inhale of the breath and to breath myself back into myself, into my physical body, here and grounded. In these moments, I commit myself to instead of just ‘following the urge’ I commit myself to rather remain here with and as myself and rather spend that time simply being here with myself even if I am just being here for a moment and breathing. I see, realize, and understand that to spend these moments with me will support me in developing my Self Presence, Hereness, and Groundedness. I find when I go onto facebook and go into the application of scrolling around just looking for something to entertain me, I find that I become less grounded as my mind and attention and awareness is focused away from ME and My Hereness, and into my phone and what is going on on the screen where I actually have less awareness of and within myself and so thus I am actually less grounded. And so here I commit myself to work with this point specifically as a point to actually break that acceptance and allowance of aimlessly scrolling on my facebook where this diversion and distraction of self replaces Self Presence, and Self Direction and so here I commit myself to reverse this, and to start assisting and supporting myself to rather practice  groundedness and Self Presence through by, instead of following urges to look at my phone, to rather, simply be here with and as breath, for a moment, just being here breathing, and paying attention to my human physical body, my experience of myself, and my surrounding environment within and as a point of Self Awareness.

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