Being YOUR BEST not THE BEST – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 714



Today I was discussing one of the art projects I am currently busy with and within the conversation I mentioned how I wanted the art I was making to ‘be the best’. As I spoke the words something didn’t quite sit right, yet a part of me believed what I was saying, where within myself my intention really was to make the best art possible.
Later on, once I got home, I realized why the point I spoke about earlier ‘didn’t sit right’ and I saw a slight re-alignment I could make within the statement to have it be a point I can really stand by.
Yes, I want my art to be the best, however, what I see here is it’s not actually so much about my art being the best, but that rather, I do my best within my creative expression.
So it’s not about comparison, and saying this art is better than that art, it’s simply about me ‘doing my best’ with the art I make. That is something that is within my power and direction to be able to do.
There are many different artists and people out there with different levels and skills and talents yet there is one thing that really unites everybody and that is our own expression in the moment, where regardless of our talents and degrees of skill, the point is to really push yourself and support yourself to do your best and to live and express to your fullest potential and that is equal with everyone in each moment.
So for me, with my art, this is what I see is most important. It is not whether or not my art is the best. That is subjective. What I see matters is the point of me doing my best within my expression and living to my utmost potential. This is not subjective, this is something that is personal and a point of Self Honesty where I can determine this for myself and that only I really intimately know if I am doing this and where I can do more or where I am really Standing within a point of living to my utmost potential.
So its not about being the best, it is about being your best.
This doesn’t mean to accept your flaws or accept a lesser version of yourself, it means to establish within yourself where you can improve and to support yourself within doing this to your utmost ability.

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