The Internal and External Pressures of Impatience – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 711

calendar, blue target

When I look at the point of impatience within myself. I see a few different dimensions of what is contributing to this experience. One thing I noticed about the point of impatience within myself is that it is linked to a ‘fear of loss’ where for example, when ever I am starting new projects, particularly, long terms projects or endeavours, I fear that the outcomes I am wanting to create won’t materialize and so I become impatient where I just want them here already when in reality, there is a process ahead that is required to be walked to create such outcomes where this must be done, through consistent action day by day, step by step.

So why is it that I would fear that my planned outcome won’t come to be? What is it that is causing this experience of fear within me, where I fear that whatever it is I am planning to do, just won’t work out.

I see that there is both internal as well as external dimensions contributing to why this impatience experience comes up within me.

Firstly, one ‘internal’ dimension would be is that I never really learned to plan long-term. It has only been later in my life in my later 20’s to now that I started to consider and plan things long-term. Before then I was more short term oriented. I was never really introduced to the awareness of planning and executing long-term goals. I see that I did have long term aspirations but these were not really broken down into physical achievable goals placed in a practical way that can be walked into creation.

So that is one dimension. Now when I start taking on long term projects, and I start walking the point, I begin to get anxious within myself. I see that I never really developed that ability to plan and practically walk long-term endeavors where now as I am getting into this, I get really anxious and try and force things where this ‘forcing’ is actually that point of impatience I am referencing here in this blog.

So now it’s a point of assisting and supporting myself to walk in patience, and TRUST, breath by breath, day by day until the project or goal is completed and within this to remain stable and here in breath instead of going into that anxiousness and what I see as a ‘fear of loss’ as fearing that the goal will never come to be, and so I must practice walking in breath and stopping myself from participating in that experience of anxiousness connected to projections and fear of the end goal never arriving.

Another dimension contributing to this impatience experience as the experience of anxiety in relation to fearing that my project goals will not come to be is an ‘external’ dimension related to our current world and money system.

If we look at the way our system is set up, it is based completely on the premise of fighting for your survival. Any child born today is born into a hostile environment where there is no guarantees. They may even be born into poverty and not last 2 weeks. Or into a low income family where who they become is not their utmost potential because they simply where not provided with the necessary tools and resources that allows for ANY human being to function and express on a level that is their utmost potential.

The way that the economy works and how the job market is always in flux I can see would create this impression that achieving your long-term goals might seem impossible. I mean most people do not have the luxury of looking long term. The way the system is set up, the majority of human beings are in a way forced to look only week to week where many don’t even know if they will have enough money for rent this month. Now place that same individual in a situation where they had unlimited resources and they knew that their rent would be covered for the rest of their lives and suddenly now the environment is supporting them to be able to start seeing things long term and then likely they will become proficient at such an expression, but in todays economy of fast food, quick fixes, and same day cash loans, long-term planning is becoming obsolete – it is a condition of our current system.

A Solution to this is we require quite simply to change the system, and to design it I a way where each individual within that system is supported in a way that will nurture their utmost potential. For this, I suggest researching a LIVING INCOME GUARATEEED, a proposal by the Equal Life Foundation that is aimed at removing survival out of the equation of living and providing all with the resources they require to live a dignified life from birth to death. For more information please investigate The Living Income Guaranteed Website

Now as for the internal dimension that I mentioned. I would recommend checking out the DESTENI I PROCESS LITE. It is a free course that supports individuals to essentially become their own psychologist so that they can practically support themselves into a point of clarity and empowerment within their inner as well as external reality so that they can be and become their utmost potential in this world and in their lives.


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