HERE NOW DONE! – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 710


Today I had some experiences that were going on within me over the last few days start to come out into my physical reality where I started reacting towards my partner and speaking with her in a very specific tonality of irritation that was not my normal, stable, tonality of my natural expression of me.

I was seeing that I was becoming increasingly impatient with my partner and so have come to see that a point that I had not fully investigated is “where am I becoming impatient with myself”?

In asking myself this question I could see that I actually, in and as myself, have a particular point of being impatient with myself in relation to different things where I just want to have things HERE NOW DONE.

Last week my partner and I started working on a long-term project together and in doing this many points and potentials were opened up and now here all these points were, hanging in front of me and I started getting excited at seeing all of these potentials and at the same time, wanted these potentials to be HERE DONE NOW!

So in looking at all this, considering the new project now opening up and considering my tendency to want things here, done, now, I realized that my impatience that I was experiencing in relation to my partner was not really to do with my partner but was rather my own impatience.

So here again is another reminder of the necessity of always ‘bringing the point back to self’

Within identifying this tendency I have to be impatient when it comes to creating different outcomes in my reality, I realize that the Solution for this was and is for me to take a deep breath, and ground myself back to the physical flesh of this reality and realizing that my impatience was based on an impractical view of reality, instead of seeing and considering how reality actually works.

Its like for instance, when learning a new language, you have to practice with this, you have to learn the new words and meanings to words and you have to practice this through time. Languages have thousands of words, to learn a new language there is in FACT a time-space process that must occur as you learn new words each day over a certain amount of time until you know all the words – This is a practical learning process. With my own impatience, I experience this point of wanting to learn it all HERE, DONE, NOW and not consider the Physical Flesh Reality that things take time learn. Things take time to create, step by step, point by point, breath by breath.

So for me it is necessary to bring myself back to reality with this point. Breathe, and simply walk, doing the necessary daily activities to create the point/outcome I am aiming for. And to let go of any irrational impatience that comes up within me where I am wanting reality to bend to my desire and to what I observed as a ‘fear of loss’ so that I can eat my cake right now and skip the part of actually  preparing baking it.

So I commit myself to release myself from my misinformed version of reality of how things are created through by when ever I experience this point of impatience existing within me, to in that moment, take a deep breath, bring myself back here, and remind myself that if I want something created, I simply must walk the real-time process of creating it step by step, and so thus then align myself with this practical approach of creation and let go of my mental idealized version of creation where things happen at the speed of thought.

So I commit myself to assist and support myself to ground myself within and as BREATH into and as the physical flesh and time of this reality, realizing that to create things in this reality and within oneself, one requires to walk a time and space process, creating the point step by step, I have identified my own tendency to want to rush things and have them here already and so I commit myself to be patient with myself and to breathe when ever I see myself going into impatience, to breathe and ground myself back to here, back to the physical and to align myself with practical physical real-time creation, working within the rules of this actual reality to support myself in creating the points I would like to within myself and my life.

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