How PURPOSE Supports SELF MOVEMENT – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 709


Today I was talking to one of my co-workers who has seemed to have run out of motivation to continue moving and driving himself within his job. In looking at the point and in trying to support him to get to some clarity about his experience and situation, I mentioned that what might support him is if he created a purpose for himself.

Now as I spoke to him about this, what was interesting is that I could see how this point of ‘creating purpose’ actually exists in different dimensions of my own life and that this has been a tremendous support for me.

My purpose in life is something that I am always refining and creating for myself day to day.

What I noticed about my own purpose is that it exists on many levels and dimensions of myself and my Life, From the more foundational level principles like “Doing What is Best For ALL” to the more surface level things, like, my purpose is to make a nice dinner, or to focus intently on this task I am doing.

So it is like a network of principles and purposes all connected together that supports me within my Self Movement within my day.

So it was quite cool to see how working on developing and creating this purposes in my life have grown into a literal support network for me in my life.

I have been busy with building this purpose for many years and I expect this process to continue changing and burgeoning as I go.

So with my friend today, what I was seeing is that he required to develop some purposes for himself, whether that’s something small, like, waking up early tomorrow, or something more existential like, my purpose is bring equality to earth. This is what I would, and did recommend to him, doing so because I have found this to be a really supportive point in my own life. Its similar or the same as goal setting.

Each goal, and each purpose becomes a strand. And as you create more goals and purposes you create more strands, and these strands connect and link and together, creating a broader and stronger stability within oneself in ones Self Movement and Expression within their lives. This is an outcome that I definitely see as something I will continue to create and endeavor to strengthen for and as myself and my life.

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