The Life Force That Unites us ALL – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 705


I used to really care about what other people thought about me. I used to believe that it meant something what others thought of you. I thought other people had it figured out and they knew how to be or what to be or what was cool and what was not, and so I placed allot of value in what others thought.

Over the past 7 years, I have began to let go of that value I placed on what others thought about me and I began to realize that ultimately people are all the same and of EQUAL VALUE, and so no matter what apparent value I placed on myself or others, or what other people placed on themselves and others, that in fact, everybody is actually Equal!

In this world we have really lost sight of this LIFE EQUALITY.

Its scary sometimes to see how much in fact we have become deluded by the illusions that “I am better than you, and you are less than me”.

My country is the greatest, and yours is not
My family is better than yours
My race is the superior race
My species is the superior species

And we have missed the fact that all life is equal.
That the life force that exist within me exit within you.

We fight for our differences when we should be supporting that which makes the same.

When I look at a Christian, or atheist, or buddist, I see a person
When I look at a black, or white, or Chinese, or indian, or American, I see a person
When I look at a banker, or CEO, or prostitute, or drug addict, or cashier, or artist, or engineer, I see a person.
When I look at a conservative, or liberal, or radicalist, or feminist I see a person.

How has this simple fact been so overlooked in this world.

This focus on our differences and what makes us apparently unique has resulted in wars and violence, and poverty, and all kinds of degrading expressions of mankind. Mankind should really be ManEVIL, because man is not kind.

To become Kind we must recognize we are all one Kind. And we must Design and Create our World System to be a symbol of this and Expression of this Equal Life Value that we all have.
This means, all will have food, all will money, all will access to the best education, all will have a home, all will have a job, all will have access to that which is required to cultivate the best human being possible. Right now our current world system functions within the framework of segregation and separation where it only grants a minority access to the things that we ALL need to flourish.
This obviously will have to change, but it starts with each individual redefining their own value system where each one starts to truly see, and recognize that we are in fact all the same on a fundamental level and that this should be celebrated, should be acknowledged and so thus we design a system that shows this on a functional level.

This will begin to be seen in the policies and platforms of political parties who for instance promote something like a Living Income Guarantee where ALL individuals are given an income as the recognition of the value of ALL human life. Fighting for stronger immigration rules on the other hand is still a symptom of the deeper illness of separation.

So we have a long way to go and our road to correction begins with each one individually realizing that ALL life is Equal.


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