Cecil and Killing Humans for Sport – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 704


My blog on this topic may be a bit late as the frenzy regarding the shooting and killing of beloved lion Cecil has faded a bit since the outpouring of reaction and response flooded the internet in past weeks.

When I herd about this story my interest in this more focused in on the particular psychology of one who would be involved in such activities of hunting big game around the world.

Well one thing I can see is that our relationship with animals is dysfunctional.

I guess this would be the first step that we as humanity must take in correcting our relationship with animals as we move forward in our endeavors to become beings that honor life

The first step is to recognize, to become aware that animals are equals as expressions of life, just like humans, living here on this planet just like humans.

if I can emphasize one thing in this blog to take away. One thing that can potentially assist us on our journey of EVOLUTION, is that we will know that we are truly Evolving as a species when we no more Kill Animals. But first perhaps we must start with ourselves meaning – We must first stop killing ourselves.

Because we well never stop killing animals for sport if we first do not stop killing humans for sport – you know, the Sport or Capitalism, the Sport or deal making, of closing the sale regardless of who gets hurt, regardless of the consequence it has on other peoples lives, as long as you see yourself as the winner.

So Id say we first have to stop killing ourselves.

But how to stop this?

How do we end war?

How do we end violence towards each other?

Is humanity sick?

How else would you describe the condition of war? War is Self-Destruction. And that is what a sickness is, it is a form of self destruction until you are dead.

But is war not just an extension of capitalism? and so here we are back to the game of money making as the ultimate sport killing endeavor.

Id suggest investigating a Living Income Guarantee as the necessary economic and social reforms to accompany the transformation of Human Nature in humanities process of actually becoming an expression of Life that honors Life and live to our fullest potential – Obviously that will not include killing.


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