The Corrupted Core – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 701


Announcement: New planet found similar to earth!

When I first came across the announcement from NASA that it has discovered a new planet similar to earth, I started to wonder if there is life on that planet. What if there is an entire civilization? Or, what if it is just nature and animals! I imagined an entire planet 1.5 times larger than earth without any humans and just the natural resources and animal life.

I imagined us then having access to this planet. I imagined us sending people there and starting a new civilization. I imagined how we would slowly gravitate to the new planet and life on earth would cease to exist because we have sucked this planet dry of its natural resources, and so we’d then gravitate to the new planet where all the resources are and then we’d start over on the new planet that is rich with all the resources we could imagine.

At first I experienced a kind of relief within myself when I heard this news that we have found a new planet. I experienced relief and thought “Ok phew we are saved”

This experience of relief moved quickly and subtly within me, but I caught myself.

Have you ever woke up really hungover from a night of drinking and said “never again”

Or, have you ever said inside your mind when allured with temptation “Okay just one more time, then I will stop” / “This is the last time I swear”.

In looking at my own experience in relation to learning about the new planet (even though it would take millions of years to reach with our current technology) I saw that subtly I was existing within the stance that has ultimately got us into the mess and consequence we are currently faced with here on earth. The stance of “hoping for something to come and save me” The stance of justifying my own self abuse with statements like “this is the last time, then I will stop”.

The new planet is like a second chance. A do-over. But what do we know. What do we know about second chances and do-overs.

In my own life I have found that I will repeat the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over, no matter how many do-overs I get. So I realize that second chances is not actually the Solution to the problems we are facing here on earth. So this new planet discovered by NASA is more a symbol, a metaphor to illustrate the problem we as humanity are facing. Essentially, that problem, is ourselves!

So we must get to the source or the problem which is our own human nature and tendencies. My blog, “An Artists Journey To Life” is my process,  application, and commitment to self change. To actually supporting myself to address this core of myself. This ‘source’ of the problem, and to support myself to change myself into a being that nurtures life instead of destroying it. If ALL human beings on earth truly nurtured life, our world would not look and be the way it is today. There would be no raping and pillaging of the planet earth for its resources. Earth would be an environment where the utmost potential of each being born here would be supported. Right now, you can see the ACTUAL NATURE of ourselves by observing the conditions and challenges different people face right now in their lives being born into a system where for most of us it is a struggle for survival.

So firstly, it is important that individuals begin to take steps to actually work with themselves. To Introspect, to change their nature and pre-programmed instructions that only lead to destruction.

If you are interested Id suggest joining the 7 year journey to life. A Challenge and necessary process taken on by a group of individuals who have realized the absolute necessity for Self Change and Self Transformation and the level of commitment needed to do this for real.

You can read the journey to life blogs here – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime

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