Expression For Money or Expression for Self – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 698


I have decided to write a blog tonight and just see what points open up. I have started a new project recently at work. I really resisted starting this project initially because it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

I work as a professional artist, and one of the considerations I look at when creating the art I do is its saleability or ability to sell once I have created it.

Early in my career I never considered this at all, though as I got older and began to see and understand more about the system I was in, I understood that I cannot just simply ignore my environment and pretend that ‘money does not exist’ in fact, I have rather shifted to a more ‘practical approach’ with my art creation where now I do consider the financial aspect of creating and selling art.

With that said what I am realizing at the moment is that this does not mean you have to just ‘go for the money’ all the time.

With the current project I am busy with there is different dimensions of ‘value’ at play. And that I am understanding that its important to consider all the dimensions of value involved when I take on a project where always just going for what will bring the most money may not be the best value in the long run or even the short run.

With one of the projects I took on recently there is an ‘educational value’ component existent within it because I am doing something that I have been wanting to do and haven’t yet, and so to now have the opportunity to explore this new territory is actually quite valuable for me as I am developing new skills.

So a point to consider within all this is “What is Real Value”?

I have often pondered how with so much art in this world, money is the primary motivater to the degree where you have artists simply creating products and have not ever actually had the opportunity or even the awareness to have art be an actual SELF EXPRESSION. Imagine…What would create if you had all the money in the world and you could just create what ever you wanted simply as a self expression. This kind of expression has become foreign to us now on planet earth due to the degree of control that our money system has onto us and onto our lives.

And this expression is not even about art – It is simply about “What would you do”? What would you do if you had all your needs taken care of and had unlimited money so you could essentially do what ever you want?

What would you do?

How would you express yourself?

How would you contribute to this world we live in?

When humanity can actually stand at a point where these questions can in fact be lived by each individual on earth, then we will have evolved into a more advanced life form. Its interesting that this questions doesn’t really even exist in our current system – and I say “current system” because the system as our current money system which we have created around us does not support self expression but where instead we are forced to make decisions almost exclusively just to survive and figure out how to keep getting money so we can live.

To create an environment that nurtures Real Self Expression we will require a new environment, A new system, a new money system. To Support this transition I suggest the promotion and implementation of a form of Basic Income where ones basic living needs are met so that they no more have to exist and live in fear of where they are going to find money to live and survive.

For more information on how something like a basic income would work, please investigate “Living Income Guaranteed by Equal Life Foundation”.


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