Understanding My Experience and Want to GIVE UP – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 693


A point I have been facing recently in my life is a ‘lack of motivation towards my job’. Now my job, makes up a big part of my life. It is one of my primary focuses at the moment so this ‘lack of motivation’ has been having quite an effect on my life seeing as how my life is comprised largely of the activities and tasks involved in my job/career.

So the point that I have identified that is behind this ‘lack of motivation’ is a belief that “its not going to work” and as a result of having this belief towards the current point I am walking as my job, my motivation and my standing within attempting to find Solutions and create this point into a success is eroded day in and day out until inevitably I end up feeling depleted and defeated and existing within a statement of “I give up”. This happening because of existing within and as the belief that “Its not going to work” where this belief has been a part of this point that I have been walking now for some time and I just haven’t been able to come to any clarity in relation to this belief that “its never going to work”

The past 3 weeks my motivation to complete the most basic tasks and responsibilities of my job has been weakening, where its felt like even the smallest tasks require me to have to will myself to complete them where its such an effort to do these minor things.

During this time I have continued to use writing as a way to investigate what is going with me and why my experience had turned down this road. And it didn’t seem like I would ever regain my motivation to see this point through, to continue walking this path that I have been walking as my current job/career.

I felt hopeless.

I noticed that my experience of hopelessness and my experience and entire positioning of ‘giving up’ was increasing. “Its too hard” was a statement that was now popping up in my mind in relation to many more tasks and procedures involved in my job than before where it was like things that I never before considered difficult, I was now reacting towards and going into the experience of “its too hard” or “I can’t handle this”

Today I was reading a blog by Sunette Spies about an insight she had in relation to facing the point of “giving up” and as I read this blog I started to relate this to my own experience I had been having now for some time that I felt completely stuck in to the degree where I wasn’t seeing or understanding how to really change myself or this experience that I was having.

One realization I had about my situation as I read her blog, was in relation to this belief that I spoke about earlier about me “not actually believing that could make the point work that I was walking”. I saw how this belief had been contributing to creating my experience of myself and ultimately to this point of me going completely into this experience and application of giving up where I simply could no longer motivate myself to do even the most simple tasks in relation to this point that I had taken on as my career path. I had felt like I failed, that there was no way to make it work. That there was no way through.

The realization that came through for me was firstly in relation to a point Sunette had mentioned about how whenever she had given up on a point in her life that eventually she’d find herself back in a similar situation where she would have to face in essence the exact same point again anyways.

Reading this supported me to consider this about my own experience and this point of giving up I have been facing and that I have actually been walking now for some time. It supported me to consider the point of how I have been walking this point for so long and how I have given up at this particular threshold on a number of occasions and that I haven’t actually seen myself capable of standing and FINDING SOLTUONS, Permanent Solutions, but have accepted that “its impossible” however this conclusion I see is arrived at within an emotional reaction rather than a Stable practical insight.

So I see here for myself that it is in my best interest to look at this point in time for myself as an Opportunity to Do The Impossible. To do what I, within my mind have defined as impossible as the particular limitation that I have been clinging onto all these years. To here Push myself to find and implement Solutions for this point\problem that I am facing and that this experience I have been having – this emotional reaction of “giving up” is an indication of a ‘mental limitation’ not a physical one. So at the very least it is important for me here to work with this ‘emotional reaction’ from the perspective of getting out of it before I make any final decisions. Like to completely give up on everything.  And in a way the blog post I read today supported me to for a moment step out of my emotional reaction and see how my lack of motivation and all these decisions I have been making to “give up” has been emotional reactions instead of Clear Self Directive Decisions.  So here I commit myself to no more accept and allow myself to participate with, and champion this belief inside myself that “what I am currently doing will never work and is impossible” but to rather continue to support myself to find and implement Practical Solutions within the starting point of NOT GIVING UP ON MYSELF when faced with this Challenging Point, because I realize that if I do that, that I will eventually just be taken back to a similar point so that I have this opportunity to actually grow, and expand myself within becoming that which I require to become to Find Solutions for my life and create my Life and Myself into and as Its/My Utmost Potential.

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that I have this opportunity to actually grow, and expand myself within becoming that which I require to become to create my Life and Myself into and as Its/My Utmost Potential.


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