The Original Creator – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 690


Today I was looking at the point of “where does a piece of artwork come from” This point was opened up in relation to a point at work where there were some discussions around ‘signing your artwork’ and ultimately the entire debate around ‘originality’ within the context of artwork and artists. Now some artists in the world have a team of people working for them where they come up with the ideas and the team will execute those ideas and the person that signs the work in the end will have varying degrees of involvement with the actual physical craftsmanship or creation of the item itself where you have some artists that are more hands on while others are not at all involved and more come into play with the conception of the idea and then the signing of the finished work, though will often also be standing as the name that is recognized and so integral in the ‘value’ that is then ‘paid for’ in such works which in turn creates the ability to employ a team of artists.

6a00d83542d51e69e20134886c59c3970c-800wiThis has always been a part of art where even 200 years ago there would be a studio filled with artists with varying degrees of skills working on projects together but normally under the banner of a single artist who today is the one ‘recognized’ or acknowledged when the particular piece of art is on display, with multiple artists who had a hand in creating the piece are not recognized at all.

Now this debate on who the ‘real artist’ is really not a debate at all. From my perspective all of the artists involved is actually the creators of the expression. The idea that one artist ‘takes credit’ is more based on humanities inclination to honor the EGO rather than to honor life within a point of Equality and so thus it is how we have created it to be at the moment. The transformation of the glorification of the individual into a point where each individual is recognized and honored as an equal expression of life is a point we as humanity must decide to create and then go about doing this as a deliberate direction.

So its understandable that artist studios would manifest today where a single artist is glorified and made king with all the worker bees are never herd of. This is essentially how the world works on a grand scale with the majority of people on this earth working for big corporations (The Artist) under a single banner like ‘Apple’ or ‘Amazon’ or ‘Walmart’ or ‘Ford’ or ‘Nestle’ ect where there is so much energy being used to create these massive companies however the distribution of wealth(recognition) within these organizations is completely imbalanced and not distributed based on each ones actual contribution.

I work as an artist as a job. And then I sign my pieces when I am done, but in reality if I really look deeper into this point and look at what is actually involved in such a creation, I see that it is quite a collective effort.

After all, in some cases, I need many thousands of individuals to work for companies for small wages so that the disproportionate funds can be allocated to one individual who then spends money on the art I make to then sustain me in the creation of more art.

I need many individuals making the clothes in factories that I can buy cheaply at wallmart to clothe myself to protect myself as I create the art.

I need someone to process the art supplies and materials I use to create the art.

I need someone to sell art to be able to finance a gallery which I can then sell my work through.

I need farmers to grow the food I eat to sustain me as I walk the process of creating art.

I need individuals to design and build the house I live in while I create my art.

I need a factory to create the vehicle I drive to and from work, and I need Parents to work hard to send their sons and daughters to engineering school to design the vehicle.

Of course I required my parents to have worked and made money to be able to create an environment where art as self expression can exist.

I need my body and therefore I need my heart to pump non-stop and the cells to work together to keep me healthy and living.

I need the trees to produce oxygen so I can breathe it in.

There is soooooo many components and dimensions at play in me being able to stand in a studio and produce a work of art, and ultimately I am simply standing in and representing a particular point in Life as a whole with this point/position being held together by a massive interconnected web of various components, individuals, parts.

So in the end I sign the work, but I did not create the work of art alone. It was a group effort, a collaboration, a culmination of various efforts, an expression of Life, not of simply me alone as an island.

I see that it is important to bring myself back to reality here within the whole process of creating artworks and remind myself how many aspects of life are involved in a single expression where I am playing only one part. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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