Do The Principles You Live By Honor Life? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 689

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In my previous blog I started to open up the point of ‘Authority’ and specifically the point of ‘Self-Authority’ and what this means. In todays blog I would like to continue with explaining the role that PRINCIPLES play in establishing ones Self Authority and ability to trust oneself in ones capacity to make decisions and implement those decisions into and as ones reality.

What I am sharing here as my perspective on ‘Self Authority’ has been an understanding and perspective that I have developed over the past 8 years since being introduced to a very specific process that I have now been walking for the last 8 years. And so I am sharing what I have come to understand not because I think people should know it, but because it has been of immense support and value for me and my own life, and so you can take from it what you will.

Now as I pointed out in my previous blog, our world has become one consisting of various forms of controls where you have particular forms of beliefs or collective ideas from everything from religions, to sports teams, to uprisings, to Top 100 music billboards, to highest grossing Hollywood films to binge watching your favorite series on Netflix, even to things like capitalism, or the way that our government functions where all of these can be seen as the dominating authorities, ways of thinking, accepted popular norms, that is duplicated, and repeated, and impulsed over and over again in human society where it thus then becomes something that is accepted and trusted. And so it becomes the authority, regardless of if its manifestation or purpose is a beneficial one. And it could be argued allot of the time these authoritative manifestations actually only serve the minority which currently holds all the money and resources. However these authorities, these ways of thinking, common beliefs and acceptances, and the way they exist within and as our reality have the utmost control over the human being, and particular human beings who have not developed the ability to establish themselves as their own SELF AUTHORITY and Director who Directs themselves according to what they have assessed is how they want to exist and not just how some authority as the various belief systems has impulsed and brainwashed them to function.

Unfortunately there seem to be very few individuals who are actually able to stand as this SELF AUTHORITY, and this is where I want to speak about the point and purpose of PRINCIPLE in actually establishing oneself authority for oneself so one can actually think for and direct one for oneself instead of existing as a brainwashed zombie following the norms and trends dictated by the authorities of the world.

One point that I have come to see about the kind of principles that one require to be able to establish oneself as ones SELF AUTHORITY in their life is that these principles actually have to be aligned with LIFE. Now what does this mean to have and live by principles that is aligned with LIFE?

For me when I started walking the process I am now walking, there was a simple but powerful shift that was required within myself in relation to how I approached living. And this shift was a shift from living in self interest to living in alignment with what is best for all.

Initially I did not understand the implications or the power of this simple shift, but as I have walked and supported myself to start changing how I lived so that I was no more just living to serve myself only but considering the WHOLE and considering “what would be best for all life” in various moment and decisions within my life, what has occurred is that I started to begin establishing my Self Authority. This began to occur because I started to see, realize, and understand that “Doing what is best for ALL” is much more valid, sustainable, and ultimately BEST, For ALL and that ALL Includes me, and so in seeing this, I would be less susceptible to opinions that I could see was NOT BEST FOR ALL, and so ultimately LIMITED and so not in fact best for anyone.

So this is why I have come to see that to establish ones Self Authority one must in fact be operating upon principles that is really going to HONOR and SUPPORT LIFE to Become and Express to its Fullest Potential.

Now when you look at certain religions, belief systems, systematic regulations, you can start to see where they are operating on principles that is not actually supporting LIFE to live to its fullest potential. that is a shame obviously because as a life form on this earth, I would be curious to see what we as LIFE as Humanity is truly capable of, wouldn’t you?

So my suggestion to support in beginning to establish ones Self Authority within themselves and their life so they can stop being suggestible to the impulses dominating our everyday lives, is to really investigate what the fundamental principles within which one is actually basing ones living on is. And further more if you would like to investigate what principles look like that really do consider the best interest of ALL LIFE then you can read the Desteni Manifesto HERE.

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LIFE then you can read the Desteni Manifesto HERE.


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