Human Obscurity in the Media and the Mind – An Artists Journey To Life – Day:686

Overflowing desires, Pencil on Paper, 8x10in, 2008

I hadn’t specifically herd of ‘cat punching’ until someone mentioned it to me. It wasn’t surprising to hear. About a year ago I herd of the fetish ‘animal crushing’ which you can find images of on google, and I am sure videos too, I didn’t look. With these kinds of things you never know immediately they are staged or not.
So when I herd of the cat punching point I really didn’t know how to respond. Was it real? It could be. Looking at all the twisted things that exist in this world it very likely could be real. Is it staged? It could be. Knowing the things people do to get attention these days, it could also be staged. Or it could be both.
So this kind of train of thought I had towards this topic is not uncommon to so many other things I hear and see in this world. The news for instance is allot like this. Its like after a while, because you have a mix of so many truthful as well as untruthful stories, one eventually just doesn’t really ever know or not if something is truly real unless they stop everything and sit down and do the research.
So in essence this whole cat punching topic for me really just brings out the degree of OBSCURITY that we as human beings are currently operating on. I mean, it’s quite strange don’t you think that our media would be functioning and existing within such a point of obscurity? Why isn’t media functioning on a level of Integrity that would actually Support ourselves as human beings to grow and expand and reach our utmost potentials? Instead its functioning on a level of sensationalism and in a way, a kind of deliberate convolution of stories and articles and opinions and facts all intertwined and layered and meshed together creating this overall impulse sensation designed to hypnotize the viewer into a dazed and confused diminished state of existence.
And this is kind of how the mind works also if one for a moment look at ones relationship to ones own mind. Its like, you can never really trust what is going on in there. Is it telling the truth?
Have you ever had that where your mind is telling you something but your kind of skeptical and you can’t really identify for sure which decision to make on a point where you have conflicting stories in the mind competing against each other and you kind of become paralyzed and frozen on what to do and which to chose. So The media than is in a way just the externaLIESation of the inner mind of the human.
So what needs to begin happening is we as individuals must begin establishing a degree of Self Awareness and Self TRUST within oneself in relation to and as ones mind, where we really are able to to see and understand where each story comes from. Essentially finding the source, and so in this understanding the validity to it.
This has been quite a process for me in taking on this point of STANDING EQUAL TO MY MIND and investigating the sources of the various thoughts and stories that come up wtihin me, where it is no more just some mysterious uncharted territory with infinite thoughts, and emotions and feelings moving about where I am just subject to all this with no directive principle and awareness at all.
So what I have found in directing myself to start investigating my mind through self introspective consistent writing is that I have started to understand it more and so essentially understanding myself more and how I function, and ultimately this has supported me in establishing more of a Self Stability within myself and in my daily life functioning.

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