Walking A Long Distance Relationship – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 685


I have just arrived back home after being gone for a week which included a 3 day, 30 hour drive across the country. I had traveled to the US to help my partner (and her 2 cats) with relocating to Canada to live with me. Her and I have been in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years and have now (finally) moved in with each other.

Doing the long distance relationship was something that I had never done before in the way that her and I did it. Over the last 2 years we spent around 2 months together in total when you add all the visits we had together.

So it has been quite a journey for the both of us and there was so many times during the past 2 years where I doubted if it would ever work out. So if anyone out there is in such a position where you are venturing into the long distance relationship territory, I will say that it is possible to make such a point work.

So now I am entering a new phase of my life, and my partner as well as we are now coming together and living in the same environment.

The journey we have walked so far has not been like a normal relationship. We have both been walking the Desteni Process for some time and so the principles with which we have established our relationship has been in alignment with the Desteni Process which is the journey to life as the purpose of creating a world that is best for all.

The principles and tools that walking this Self Realization Process has provided is from my perspective the reason why our long distance relationship worked, where if one is simply following the pre-programmed relationship rules, a long distance relationship may not work.

As I write this, I am looking at what was the single most beneficial principle that supported with walking the long distance relationship point. I see that all the principles working in tandem together is what ultimately facilitated the point, though to name one thing, Id say the FOCUS ON SELF was quite supportive.

This is quite interesting isn’t it. That the point that supported the most in forming an effective relationship with another person is the point of FOCUSING ON SELF, or the Relationship one has with Oneself.

There were times during the long distance relationship phase where Id get a bit distracted and want my partner to full-fill me, to entertain me, or be a distraction for me where I could just go on Skype and chat with her and escape from my reality. But the fact that our relationship was long distance always left me alone with myself after our chat was over and through time I learned to identify a specific experience of “feeling unfulfilled” after chat as an indication that I must bring my attention back to myself and rather than looking “out there” for my fulfillment, that I rather must look at myself and look at my own Process and how I am walking and ask myself the question AM I SATISFIED WITH ME and my application. And so as we walked our long distance relationship, this focus on SELF was important because if you are not satisfied with yourself, you will never be satisfied with the relationship.

So this focus on self was a very supportive point for when ever things were going tough and we reached a point where we both would kind of realize “Ok our attention is drifting away from ourselves, and so we must ‘get back to ourselves’” in terms of making sure we are both working on our individual processes first and foremost, and then from there expand into the relationship which was the long distance relationship we were walking.

So after 2 years, were are here together now in the next phase of our journey together, walking our individual processes side by side as Equals supporting ourselves and each other to live and create to our utmost potential.

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