Are You Satisfied With Yourself and Your Life? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 682


This week I was tasked with taking a photo of my face with the expression of ‘satisfied.’ What I noticed about this is that the point of satisfaction doesn’t so much exist in the face as it does exist inside oneself.

So this was an interesting exercise to capture a moment of myself when I am in fact satisfied with myself.

And this point about satisfaction not really being a facial expression but more a total expression of self was one of the first points I noticed.

I noticed that in the moment when taking the photo, I could make any face I want. I could keep my face straight, I could smile, I could do a posed expression, because what I noticed is that the satisfaction point more sits inside myself in my solar plexus/chest area like a kind of fullness and joy of myself. Its more of a Self Presence.

So for this task, I decided I would simply wait for a moment when I was satisfied with myself and snap a picture.  Though my approach to this, even though I was waiting for that moment to take the picture, was not really one of waiting, but more one of applying myself in a way where I knew that this would create this point of Self Satisfaction.


Photo I took after work

I actually thought initially that I would take the photo Friday after work after I had realized my commitment to have a solid week of work. And so in a way this task was supportive in that because I was given it, I had purposefully directed myself in a way that would create this point of Self Satisfaction. For me I decided to create this experience/point throughout the week as a kind of accumulation of effective application. But also to be on the look out of any singular moments of this point of Self Satisfaction coming through.

So I committed myself to this point of having a solid week at work which meant showing up on time and making sure that I was working effectively throughout the day. When it came time to snap the photo this afternoon, I had noticed that I wasn’t completely satisfied with myself. That there was other points throughout the week that I wasn’t satisfied with. And also the project that I was working on wasn’t exactly exactly how I wanted it and the progress wasn’t exactly where I wanted it, and that “I could have been more effective” So it was interesting to see the mind coming up throughout the week and in that moment when it came time to snap the picture, where I see I was not allowing that satisfaction to come through but was kind of being overly critical in a way. But I mean, in terms of the project and my week at work, I was satisfied, but as I said, I noticed that there was other dimensions to my life that in that moment when it came time to snap the picture entered into my mind  and distracted from that satisfaction point that I do see was in fact there within me.

So this made me ponder about this point of self satisfaction. I see that it can come up in a single moment, or it can be arrived at after achieving a goal that takes allot of application.

For myself I see that in terms of a Living Application of Self Satisfaction, that requires allot of dedication and discipline even.

I also see that maybe I also just must learn to let go a bit and not be so critical of myself because I did achieve my goal this week at work which is the point I committed myself to, so within that there should be a point of recognizing that Self Satisfaction within that, which I did.

All in all, a pretty cool task I was assigned. Overall, I was satisfied with myself this week. Perhaps things didn’t go perfectly but I saw how supporting myself to apply myself effectively at work this week did actually come through inside myself as a point of self satisfaction. There is allot of dimensions to self and I see that to Fully Realize this point of Self Satisfaction for it to become a Constant Point within myself that I will have to be consistent in my application of Supporting Myself to live to my utmost potential


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