Considerations in Taking on 2 Projects at Once – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 681


The main point that has been here today is this point that I have been pondering about taking on 2 different projects at the same time. I have considered both of these projects for some time and have in the past spent time doing each one of these by itself and I think also briefly merging these 2 points together and working on both simultaneously for a time.

The point that came up recently is to consider actually moving/directing both points instead of trying to decide between one or the other.

So in considering doing both it brought up all sorts of reactions and considerations and ideas within myself.

The initial kick-back of this consideration was something like “I can’t do both” where I have this idea that “this is impossible”

Both of these projects are potentially full-time endeavors however given my current situation I will have to consider walking both of these points on a part-time bases. The slight shift in terms of how I have been looking at approaching doing this which is different than before is that this time I will direct both of these points as if I want both to succeed and so considering and directing each of these points within this context instead of how I had approached it in the past where I was more inclined to favoring either one or the other thinking that only one would be a success and the other would eventually fall away. So the adjustment I have been looking at, is approaching both of these points from the perspective of making each one a success.

So this has been the primary point existing within me today. It has also revealed certain beliefs about myself such as “I can’t do both” where the belief is that I am not capable of doing both, that I won’t have enough time.

Now I noticed within this ‘belief’ that there is an implication that “I will remain the same” because if I look at my current application of myself within my life, there is a degree of relevance to this idea that “I cannot do both” however, my starting point for my life and myself is to assist and support myself to live to my utmost potential and so within this context, and in relation to taking on these 2 projects, and making each one successful, that there is a kind of opportunity here to adjust, refine, and improve myself in terms of how I direct myself within my day to day. Currently, I would not be able to handle both, however, the point is to Change Self, to assist and support self to become stronger, more effective within ones daily living expression.

So what I see is that I am going to take on both of these points and within and as this, I must actually assist and support myself to CHANGE, to establish a new directive application which will be necessary in more than one area of my life in order to actualize this potential of walking both of these points.

So I do see that this is an opportunity to take on these 2 points and to in this take on more responsibility and directive movement than I currently have been doing.

So that is the main point that I have been looking at today and that is what I see within it. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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