The Liberty of Self – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 673


Today I was listening to the speech given by senator Ted Cruz where he officially announced he would be running for president of the United States in the next election.

I thought to myself. Who is this man? What is the contents of this man? What principles, beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, addictions, regrets, fears, habits, desires, needs,  govern this man and in turn would become the foundation upon which the country would function were he to rule it?

I listened to the speech and a few key words were reiterated over and over throughout the speech, one of them being ‘Liberty’.

So I thought I would open this word up for myself here in this blog  – What is Liberty?

The internet definition of liberty is as follows.


the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

The merriam- webster definition is as follows:


: the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely

: the power to do or choose what you want to

: a political right

Ok, so liberty is pertaining to freedom essentially.

I would say that an important consideration here with regards to this point of Liberty and also with regards to the point of actually manifesting Liberty into this world is the consideration of the Liberty of the Self as and unto itself. Meaning, are we living Liberty on an individual level within ourselves, in thought, word, and deed? Or are we living out the sins of the father, the ideas, and belief systems of our parents, and our parents parents, Are we really free to choose or do we just follow the programs we have inherited from our family and cultural structure, despite the evidence that these structures are not best for us and allow for the utmost destruction and abuse of this planet, others, and ourselves.

And so to reflect this point back to myself, I will ask myself here, where am I NOT living and expression Liberty unto and as myself but am accepting and allowing myself to exist within a form or forms of ‘oppressive restrictions’

Do I really understand myself/my mind/my body completely – and what areas of myself/my mind/my body that I do not understand still control me?

Am I Living to my utmost potential?

When I ask myself this question, I am looking at my daily life, and my daily experience of myself and identifying areas and patterns that I live out where I see that I am in fact limiting myself, and/or allowing myself to be directed by for instance by an emotional/feeling experience where within this one is not in fact FREELY Directing and moving oneself but is overwhelmed and or influenced by an emotional experience that in a way oppresses ones ability to express.

Lately in my blogs I have been writing about the point of ‘Resistance’. That experience that comes up inside oneself when ever one is faced with doing something that they maybe do not want to do, but that ultimately can see that doing that act would be beneficial. I mean, I had resistance to writing my blog tonight.

So what is Resistance? What is the experience of resistance, where does it come from, how does one create their specific resistances, and is not this experience of Resistance, this tyrant of the emotional experience infringing on my Liberties? My Freedom of choice. To do what is really best for myself and others.

What I see is that we on an individual level are not in fact Free. One need not look at the various systems of control that are existing within goverenments around the world to identify master-slave dynamics playing out. One can simply look within oneself and see this playing-out within ones own self/mind/body/inner reality.

I See that I myself have not yet established my Liberty. The Liberty of Self. The Liberty, as the Ability of oneself to Direct oneself Absolutely Freely in each moment, without being influenced or controlled by desires, energies, experiences, fears, voices in the head, doubt, bad habits, addictions, preferences  and the entire inner system constantly operating inside us.

I see that this is an important step in actually bringing forth Liberty and Freedom on this Earth. The Step of really knowing thyself on an individual level and establishing oneself truly as ones Directive and Creative Principle.

To understand more of what I am speaking about here, Id suggest to investigate the Journey to Life blogs that a group of individuals have endeavored to walk as a process of Establishing ACTUAL LIBERTY on this earth, realizing that the outer always reflect the inner and vice versa and so that within moving to bring forth LIBERTY into this world in the OUTTER, that one must also walk this simultaneously in the INNER.

I work with this process daily of establishing my INNER LIBERTY OF SELF, through a process of Writing, Self Forgiveness, and Self Corrective Application. The Journey to Life blogs are also examples of individuals who have seen for themselves the value in Self Investigation and working with themselves to ensure that as an individual they are in fact Free on a personal level from everything of themselves that infringes upon the Liberties and Freedoms of themselves, others, and life as a whole.

This is to Support the bringing forth or Real Liberty and a world that is Best for ALL beings on Earth.

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