Living Principles of REAL LEADERSHIP – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 671


Today I was having a discussion about what it means to be a ‘Real Leader’ in the world and also what it means to be this in the workplace.

Now some Qualities that I see is important to have as a leader are qualities like, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Passion, Compassion ect, however what seems to be happening in our world at the moment, is that even though these qualities and characteristics might be understood in terms of what is required of our Leaders today, these qualities and characteristics are not actually being embodied or lived by our leaders and so the question is – is there even actually any real leaders In this world today?

Now obviously there are those out there who I imagine do realize the necessity of ‘leading by example’ nevertheless, this is the point I wanted to focus in this blog. The point of ‘practicing what you preach’ and also the role of Self Awareness in this entire process of becoming a Real Leader.

I have been fortunate in my life to have become aware of certain principles that are critical in nurturing the betterment of self and the betterment of all. The foundation of these principles can be read here in the Desteni Manifesto. Though these principles are also not new, or inherent to the Desteni Manifesto,  I mean I also see principles in various different spiritualities, religions, family structures, business models,  like for instance, “love thy neighbor” and “do unto another as you would want done unto you” these are well known principles and also can be keystone principles in being a Real Leader in this world. Though again, the problem seems to be the disconnection between understanding the principles and actually implementing these principles as a LIVING APPLICATION in ones Life.

And so again, I wanted to bring through the point of ‘Self Awareness’ as a necessary quality within actually being able to Live the principles that create Real Leadership.

And so to be and become a real leader in this world, to be able to actually LIVE the principles of leadership, an important component in being able to do this, is Self Awareness, because I have found that throughout time we have conditioned ourselves into living out and existing within principles of greed, self interest, jealousy, competition ect and that the Living and acting out and making decision based on such points is happening on a level that most are not even aware of. Even to the degree where many are aware of the specific principles, and qualities that encapsulate what it means to be a Real Leader, yet don’t realize that how they live and function is still operating contrary to this around the very principles that has essentially become the foundation of our world today that as we can see, is in a state and process of actual self destruction as we slowly but surely consume the very planet that sustains us.

The other day I was at work and I noticed a point of jealousy coming up within me towards one of my other co-workers in relation to a project he was working on. I started thinking “he is better than me”, “I am not as good as him”, “I am not worthy” and then within this I noticed this point of how I didn’t actually want him to succeed then. I felt threatened by what he was doing, and so I went into a form of competition towards him. Now all this was happening on a level that most of us are simply not yet aware of or able to direct within ourselves. And so it in a way becomes unnoticed and very frequently passed off as ‘normal behavior’ particularly because it is normal in terms of what our society has programmed to be normal, unfortunately this ‘normal’ does not breed or nurture the Utmost Potential of Man or Life and so this ‘normal’ is what actually must be transformed and this will begin happening through the creation of ‘Real Leaders” in this world who are in fact actually Living Principles of Integrity, Self Honesty, Equality, Responsibility, Do unto another what you want done unto you, ect, where to do this, to live such principles, a depth of Self Awareness actually must be cultivated and exist within oneself.

So for me to actually “be the change I want to see” I realized in that moment that I was accessing old pre-programmed patterns of competition and so I stopped myself by not accepting and allowing myself to continue participating within such thoughts and experiences inside myself towards my co-worker and so thus adjusted myself and moved myself into alignment with Principles which Real Leaders Embody.
Where Equality is the foundation of the relationships one form with others, and so rather than go into competition towards my co-worker, I rather move into a point of Support, realizing that the workplace dynamics that I want to exist is where we all support each other to be the best we can be and so I saw that I in fact had to live this for myself and rather Support my co-worker in his project and push him and myself also to always perform to our utmost potentials. And I saw I was able to do this by offering perspectives to him on points that I have already established as effective within my own application where I see he has not yet established that same stability as myself. With competition being the driving force, I would just not say anything and thus not support him to become better and stronger where I was able to.

So again I just want to mention this point of ‘Self Awareness’ and how important it is to  develop Self Awareness within oneself as a necessary tool within ones process of actually being able to stop participating with principles that define the destructive relationships we have forged within and as our reality at the moment and to instead, begin the process of actually LIVING the principles on a personal level in our own day to day living that Define Real Leadership and that will be the foundation for a World that is actually Best for ALL individuals on earth and that will Support LIFE to Express to its Utmost Potential. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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