A Story About Resistance (Part 2) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 670


I am continuing here with Part 2 of my series on Resistance

 Part 1: A Story About Resistance (Part 1) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 669

So I am continuing here with my process of writing about resistance and what I have become aware of within myself in relation to and as this point of resistance and how I work with this point currently in my life.

So one area of my life where I am faced with the point of resistance is in my blogging. This is a potentially daily consistent activity, and so this has been a constant point in my life where I must direct myself to not allow resistance to influence me within my application to blogging.

I mean, even as I am sitting here now, there is a resistance experience washing over me. And this experience is merged with the statement “I don’t want to finish my blog”

Its too hard
You already tried writing and it didn’t work
Now its getting late
Its going to take forever
You can do it tomorrow
Its ok if you don’t do it tonight
Your never going to figure out how to get this blog to flow
This is not working

So here is a ‘snap shot’ if you will of what some of the statements that accompany resistance look like. At this stage in my process I have become quite aware of these kinds/types of statements and so have learned to not go into them when they come up. I am not perfect in this application but definitely becoming aware of these points and supporting myself through the years to not just simply accept these statements and follow them but to have developed my directive principle within myself where I simply don’t participate with them has really been beneficial for me in my day to day practical living.

So sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable and you have to walk yourself through that resistance experience moment by moment. And then sometimes that thick heavy resistance fog clears and things open up and your through and you can flow, or other times it doesn’t clear immediately and you simply walk and walk and remain standing and there is resistance the entire time until the task is done. But – The task is done!

So either way, I realize that the point is to stand as ones Directive principle and do what must be done.

Sometimes my resistance to blogging is like a little ‘urk’ feeling when I think about doing it. Its fast, its like my body tightens and clentches for a moment and I am just like ‘uuuuuuuurrrrgh I don’t want to’. I remember when I was living in SA on the Desteni Farm, one of the points that was always pushed was “Immediate direction” that is like resistances’ worse enemy. I see that one tendency I have is to allow myself to be directed by those quick resistance bursts that come up in those moments where you see or realize something that you should do. Like you throw some trash out and you noticed the garbage is full and requires to be put out. So in that moment you SEE what needs to done, but then up comes that quick burst or resistance – I don’t wanna – and so you look at the garbage, and decided, I will definitely do that later! And then you cram the garbage down to make a little more room. But then its too late, Ok you might have decided to do it later, but from my perspective what I see for myself is to align and structure myself to “immediate direction” Because I see that each little moment like that is a moment to strengthen ones Directive Principle to no more accept and allow resistance to direct and influence your life and ultimately become the hand that is actually creating your life in terms of how it currently exist.

So I have come to see that resistance is everywhere, it wants a say in everything, And what I have found is that within this process of Self Change that sometimes its like you are in a constant state of resistance as you move yourself to no more accept what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and live as as that limited version of yourself but instead of move and direct yourself to do that which you see, realize, and understand is most supportive and beneficial for you in your life.

I will continue this series in blogs to come.

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