A Story About Resistance (Part 1) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 669

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Here I am beginning with my introduction to a point that I have faced quite allot in my life, that I still face today, and that I have faced and walked in the past. So here I am beginning with sharing my story and perspective on a point that I am sure many can relate to – Resistance.

I remember being confronted with this point in my early life and I even remember having some successes in relation to actually pushing through resistance. Where there was this feeling that would come up within me where “I just didn’t feel like doing something” but I did it anyway. I pushed through that feeling and did it anyways because there was also an awareness within me that ‘that is just what must be done’.

Later on in my college years, this resistance point would come up towards doing school work, or pushing myself and disciplining myself to work long hours at developing my craft and skill within Art.
I moved through allot of resistance with regards to painting and doing art and this is one of the areas of my life that in a way was an opportunity for me to face this point of resistance and to walk through it. Art was like the first place in my life where I really confronted resistance head on and learned to push through it. Learned to just take that step and “do it”, even though there was a part me that was tired, or that just didn’t want to do it.

I enjoyed doing art, and this in a way made it a bit easier to walk through resistances. Because I can see I had formed a relationship to art where it was something that I at times immersed myself within to avoid having to do other things that I didn’t want to do, other things that I resisted. Like visiting with family, or ‘getting a real job’ or ‘doing my taxes’ or ‘cooking dinner’, ‘or writing a paper’. So yes, one can have resistance towards doing many things. So, my plan here is to walk a bit of my history with Resistance and share what I have come to understand about this point and then to also share how I currently work with this point in my present day to day living.

When I started walking the Desteni process, I was supported to start seeing more explicitly what resistance is and all the various forms of resistance, and how it comes up in relation to so many aspects of ones life.

Resistance to work
Resistance to getting up early
Resistance to doing chores
Resistance to certain co-workers
Resistance to family
Resistance to going to the party when you don’t know anyone there
Resistance to your partner
Resistance to sex
Resistance to your routine
Resistance to breaking your routine
Resistance to lending a hand to a friend
Resistance to working when its cutting into your time to relax
Resistance to working more hours than you normally do a week
Resistance to buying fruit and veggies instead of candy and chips
Resistance to taking the garbage out
Resistance to spending money
Resistance to getting yourself a glass of water when your already in bed with the lights off but your thirsty
Resistance to tidying up your room
Resistance to speaking to someone when there is a point of conflict
Resistance to pushing yourself to support yourself to become better because its just too much work
Resistance to forming relationships that go beyond just the surface
Resistance to taking the dog for a walk
Resistance to doing your homework
Resistance to WRITING YOUR BLOG!

And the list goes on and on and on.

I will continue in my next blog with my personal story about encountering various forms of Resistance within my life, and how I have come to direct myself in relation to it.

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