Your Decisions and The Way You Live, Impacts the Lives of Others – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 675


The other day my partner informed me of some economic consequences that had manifested in the life of someone she knew, and how these consequences ended up influencing her life. I had only ever met this other person once since I starting walking an agreement with my partner 2 years ago.

Now with my partner being affected by the manifested economic consequences of this person, and that the nature of being partners with someone is such that her and my economic worlds are closely tied together, this economic consequence that manifested in this other persons world actually had a ripple effect and impacted my own life.

Now this is quite intriguing.

Because this is showing just how interconnected we are as a species and how the consequences of one persons life, and how they live, doesn’t just affect that one person only but does have a rippling-out affect on all the lives that that person is linked to, directly and indirectly, eventually impacting individuals that that person doesn’t even know exist.

This reveals how valuable it would be if each human being/life form was functioning to their utmost potential, because we are all here together affecting and impacting each others lives and so if one being starts to give up and not bother living in a way that is responsible and functional but that is for instance, neglectful, this will in turn affect others. And likewise if every being on earth truly lived in a self responsible way, man, this world would be a different place. Unrecognizable perhaps.

As I have been walking the Desteni Process now for the past 7 years since I was introduced to it. This point of Living as a Self Responsible being has been one of the principles which has been emphasized throughout.

This essentially means that one starts taking responsibility for themselves and their own space that they are occupying. Without this tenant in place, the attempt to bring about any change on earth will never happen due to the interconnectedness of everyone’s lives. I am not saying that this is impossible or I am not attempting to illustrated the difficulty in world change. I am simply emphasizing a Key part of this process of actually creating a World that is Best and Supportive for all its inhabitants.

And so this recent event of where I was able to see how my life was impacted by someone that I actually don’t even know, or who isn’t even (apparently) a part of my life, showed me why it is that actually supporting oneself to become a Self Responsible being is of such importance.

And I see here that it will not be until ALL beings on earth stand within and live by this principle of living self responsibly that our world will actually reflect this and we as a race will actually be able to create a world that is a reflection of the potential of life.

I suppose what we are existing as right now is a an aspect of potential as it represents ‘a’ potential that can manifest. Anything is possible, and we as Life chose what that ‘anything’ will be. Will it be destruction and chaos, war, corruption, poverty? Or will it be a world that truly nurtures the life that is born unto it.

It is for us to decide and is in direct relationship to what we live and participate with as individuals in our own lives day to day.

For anyone interested in learning how take Responsibility for yourself and your life and so thus start contributing to the creation of Life on Earth that is Best for ALL, than Id recommend getting started with the DIP Lite course which is free course where you start learning the basics of taking responsibility for yourself and the space you occupy.


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