Stepping Off the Hamster Wheel – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 674


So in my past few blogs I have been opening up this point that I was noticing in my life where I noticed that I would often find myself rushing in moments. Now that I look at it, it is kind of like one of those hamsters on the wheel running and running but never actually going any where.

So as I have been walking this whole rushing point, I have during this time also been practically supporting myself to slow myself down throughout my day.

This I have done through by initially and throughout the process, writing these blogs, because this did support in keeping the point Here so that I don’t forget about it and so assisted in just opening up a few different dimensions to this rushing point, and so basically enhancing my Self Awareness in relation to this point.

Another aspect of supporting myself to slow down that I have been walking, is utilizing my Breathing/Breath, where I will in moments, pause and bring my attention to my breath and to within this bring my awareness to my physical body and so out of the mind.

This I would do from time to time throughout my day and I also noticed that it became/has become a point that is now more natural from the perspective that I have been noticing myself already more physically here rather than in my mind racing in my thoughts.

Ok so this I see is another important dimension for me to consider.

To look at the relationship of my experience of rushing to my participation and engagement with thoughts within my mind.

So this can be another point I can assist myself with. The point of assisting and supporting myself to stop participating within my mind as the thoughts, pictures, play-outs, fantasies, projections but to instead focus on a Physical Self Awareness here, where I can also focus on the task at hand, like for instance Writing! So here make it a point to not just be automatically running in my mind and so make sure that if I am going to look at points through the mind that this is deliberate and self directed.

Writing is actually a cool way to stabilize yourself so that you don’t just end up thinking about something over and over in your mind, and thus within that, that cycle of thinking going round and round and round you creating the whole hamster on the wheel experience of like running but also that experience that you never getting anywhere.

Another point I have been utilizing as I have been walking this point of aligning myself to a point of Physical Hereness rather than existing up in my mind, is that I have been listening to the interviews on Eqafe and on the Self and Living website. This I have found to be great support because in each interview there is always points for me to consider and try out for myself. So I have found listening to these interviews each day as I have been walking this process of Stabilizing myself into and as a point of Physical Stability has been quite a supportive tool also to really give a practical step by step of How to support yourself.

So all in all this has been a multi-pronged application.

Writing Daily (Opening up different dimensions related to this point)

Speaking Self Forgiveness/Self Correction in the moment

Focusing on my Breathing

Breathing and focusing/aligning my awareness to my physical stability

Communicating about the point (with my partner)

Listening to Audio Interviews related to this point of developing Self Stability

Ok, so I will continue with supporting myself to slow myself down and so in this allow myself to be able to see more of what’s here in each moment and so thus Develop a more effective decision making ability and practical functionality ability also. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime – Participate in Forums or Search the Vast Desteni Material
Creations Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs
Heavens Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs.


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