Energy Withdraw and Resistance – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 673

Here I am continuing with walk the Self Commitment Statements in relation to the Self Forgiveness I walked in:
Releasing Stress and Slowing Down – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 671

“I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize, and understand that my current starting point and thus relationship towards my responsibilities and obligations is creating stress within me because I end up trying to fight with these points of responsibility and obligation as things that maybe somehow I can figure out a way to avoid doing.”

I commit myself to assist and support myself to throughout my day support me to remain HERE, through by directing myself to Breath and make sure that I am not existing within my mind but rather existing here in and as my human physical body. Within this point of supporting myself to be here within my human physical body, I commit myself to also use this as a point of re-aligning who I am in my living, and so as I direct myself to be Here within and as my human physical body, I also within this, remind myself and check my starting point of who I am in and as my Self Direction within my life to make sure that I am standing within and as a point “Responsibility First” and not “Self Interest” First.

When and as I see that there is resistance coming up within me in moments towards directing my responsibilities and obligations, I realize that it is  these moments that is my opportunity to actually realign myself through by in such moments, moving myself through the resistance and into the action of directing that particular responsibility/obligation, and or stepping out of that resistance experience towards the responsibility/obligation, and bring myself HERE into and as my physical body into and as a point of Breath and Self Stability to in this support myself to not be directed or influenced by that resistance experience as I move myself through my day.

I see, realize, and understand that Directing myself within and as my Responsibilities and Obligations is a Self Directed movement based in principled living, and not done for an energy reward as a ‘feel good experience’ but that it is done based on the direct impact and result it will have on physical reality based on doing what is practically necessary and supportive for my own life and what is best for all life on earth. After all, taking responsibility for my own life is a necessary first step before I will have the strength, ability and capacity to expand this responsibility into my world/reality.

I realize that when I want to “do my responsibilities fast” that this can indicate that there is some point of Self Interest that I want to get to. In this here I can see that the value I have placed on this Self Interest Point is influencing and affecting my relationship I have with Living as a Self Responsible Being, where then this tends to become neglected or not fully embraced. This value that I have placed on my self interest is related to my relationship with energy as emotions and feelings where my emotions and feelings have become a form of drug that I require to take daily. Like there is a medicine cabinet full of various drugs that create various experiences within me, only these various drugs is actually various energies as emotions and feelings with different frequencies, intensities, designs that I have become addicted to and that when I stop living my life based on doing only that which generate the specific emotions and feelings that I have become accustom/addicted to, I start to go into a withdraw and I see that my mind as the thoughts within my head start to scream and shout and act up, like throwing a tantrum. And this is affects my Self Movements as I move/direct myself in principle based on common sense where for instance this whole withdraw experience will end up, if I allow it, causing me to start rushing through my responsibilities and so here I see that it is necessary to be aware of this so that I do not shift out of my starting point of directing myself within and as Self Responsibility first instead of Self Interest first. And so here I commit myself to as I am walking through my day and moving myself to direct myself within and as my Responsibilities and Obligations support myself to walk in Breath and Self Presence and identifying this withdraw experience when it comes up so that I can continue directing myself based in principle and not allow this withdraw experience influence and direct me. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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