Resisting REAL Value – An Artists Journey To Life – Day: 672

STOP (4)

Here I am continuing with the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment  Process in relation to the points opened up in

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I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to resist the responsibilities I have in my world/reality where within this I am not embracing my responsibilities and obligations but seeing these as unenjoyable and things that I would just rather ‘get over with’ and so approaching tasks within and from the starting point of “just getting them over with” I end up just wanting to rush through them so I can get onto something better, something more enjoyable, something that I prefer doing.

When and as I see myself resisting a task/project/movement that I have defined as a responsibility/obligation, I stop myself and I breath, and support myself to step out of the ‘resistance experience’ because after all, it is an experience that is happening within me. Here I commit myself to develop a point of awareness within myself in relation to this specific resistance experience so that I can identify where and when I am actually able to support myself within and as a point of Self Change in actually realigning myself as my Living Expression into and as an Expression that is what is best for all and what is best for me as I have identified that often my resistance to responsibilities and obligations is related to my accepted and allowed ‘stance’ of putting Self Interest before the Interest of all which is exactly the point I am Here to change/transform as Who I am, which is done through actually walking through that resistance experience and supporting myself to deconstruct that resistance experience from the perspective of supporting myself to no more be influence/directed/controlled by it but to rather Become Self Directed based in Principle. And so here I commit myself to realize that these moments/points of resistance are actually Opportunities for me to transform myself because these moments/points are indicating all the places where I have allowed myself to give into the mind within giving into resistance instead of being and living as a Self Directed Being, Directing myself within and as the Principle of What is Best for ALL, which I see is where REAL Value exist.

I see, realize and understand that within allowing myself to be directed by resistance that what ends up happening is that I go into an internal process of fighting within myself, where I will fight with myself in terms of trying to resist doing/directing my responsibilities and obligations. This ultimately creates a blockage where instead of there being a flow and direction of my responsibilities and obligations and simply speaking, my life, there is a blockage and things move very slowly and even actually start accumulating and when this happens I start to become stressed because now “I have so many things to do” Within this experience of Stress, I then become less effective within my moment to moment application because I am not stable and here and moving though each task with Full Attention. Here mistakes are made and the tasks I am walking and decisions I am making are not as effective and precise as they could be due to the stress experience as well as due to trying to get through tasks as fast as possible because firstly, they are now all piled up and “I have so much to do” but perhaps more prominently, I am still accepting and allowing myself to exist within an experience of ‘resistance’ towards them due to my accepted and allowed starting point of still wanting my and placing my Self Interest FIRST where things that is not aligned with giving me my Self Interest Experience become obligations.

Ok so to ground this point Here in my Life – I commit myself to assist and support myself to start Living in a way where I am embracing and directing and essentially VALUING my responsibilities and obligations as I see that these actually support not only me to become a stronger more substantial being but also contribute to others lives and life as a whole as well as I see how the reason I have resisted certain points/responsibilities/obligations is because they don’t only just serve my personal self interest and so thus at times they are more in alignment with supporting other points, and others lives other than just my own.

So here I commit myself to assist and support myself to REALIZE the VALUE that my Responsibilities and Obligations actually have to not only myself but others as well. And here I see that this is ‘REAL Value’ where a point contributes not only to my own life but to others lives as well. And so I commit myself to live and become this Real Value through by supporting myself to walk through resistance I have towards directing certain responsibilities and obligations within my life. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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