Releasing Stress and Slowing Down – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 671


Here I am beginning the Self Forgiveness Process in relation to the points opened up in

Can’t Slow Down – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 669

The Devil in the Details – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 670

 “Throughout your day a person makes so many decisions. I have been noticing lately how I will experience myself rushing throughout my day, almost like I am running through my day trying to get all the necessary things taken care of.”

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not stop and slow myself down as I am walking through my day, and so in not slowing myself down I end up going into a state of rushing where its like I am running from one thing to the next trying to get everything done so that I can, if I get everything done in time, finally stop and rest and relax.

I commit myself to see, realize, and understand that I end up creating more stress by trying to force everything to get done as fast as possible which then would create more of a want and desire to rest and relax which then would propel me to push even more to try and get everything done, and so creating a viscous cycle of creating stress within myself. I commit myself to realize that each moment is an opportunity to support myself to stop stress within me, which I see is done by assisting and supporting myself in each moment and within each task I am doing to slow myself down and walk in breath and stop my accepted and allowed tendency to go into “rushing to get it done” and so within supporting myself to slow down in each moment that I am walking through my day, here I am assisting and supporting myself to release myself from the cycle of creating stress and thus stop creating and causing stress on my body, mind, and self, and so rather support myself to become more effective in my moment to moment application of what ever it is I am working on while at the same time also reducing the stress I am putting on myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to resist the responsibilities I have in my world/reality where within this I am not embracing my responsibilities and obligations but seeing these as unenjoyable and things that I would just rather ‘get over with’ and so approaching tasks within and from the starting point of “just getting them over with” I end up just wanting to rush through them so I can get onto something better, something more enjoyable, something that I prefer doing.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize, and understand that my current starting point and thus relationship towards my responsibilities and obligations is creating stress within me because I end up trying to fight with these points of responsibility and obligation as things that maybe somehow I can figure out a way to avoid doing.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize, and understand that here I have allowed my Self Interest and desire for specific energy experiences direct and dictate who I am in relation to my living, my expression in the world, and my expression throughout my day where here I see that I have not yet Stood as the Directive Principle of myself within and as Living the Principle and Directing Myself to  Doing what is best for ALL at all times but have allowed myself to still fight for my self interest, wanting to put off my responsibilities and obligations or ‘doing them as fast as I can’ so that I can get on to ‘doing something that I prefer’ and that in doing this I have not been Living to my Full Potential as a Life form  within becoming a Being that really Stand Up For Life and contribute not only to Life as a whole and Others Lives but also My own Life through developing my ability to stand and exist within such a Position where I actually contribute to more than just my own personal life which would actually indicate an expansion or enhancement of Myself as a life form, and thus me aligning myself to living to my uttmost potential.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to prioritize my Self Interest as more important and thus have placed it in front of “Doing What is BEST for ALL”

I will continue with the self commitments in blogs to come. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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