Can’t Slow Down – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 669

7967680-blurred-image-of-people-rushing-to-work-in-the-morning (1)

I just finished listening to one of the videos on the new Self and living website that was done on Stress and how it affects your success. –

The point I could really relate to that was mentioned was the point of how stress affects ones decision making, and then how in turn, that has a direct consequence on your life.

Throughout your day a person makes so many decisions. I have been noticing lately how I will experience myself rushing throughout my day, almost like I am running through my day trying to get all the necessary things taken care of.

But what I have noticed happening within this is that I will end up be thinking about what I have to do next and so not really focused on the task at hand that I am walking.

I have observed how I will then even become clumsy and imprecise in my physical movements as I am rushing myself to complete what ever action I am doing as fast as possible to get onto the next thing. This can even be seen in things like brushing my teeth or reading an e-mail or sorting through laundry where I have this internal experience of “just wanting to get it done” like “hurry up already” and then its like I start to try and force things, and force things to go faster and force reality to move faster, its like the experience of trying to force the sun to go down or something. You just can’t. Its like Reality moves at a particular pace and in a way rushing only moves one out of alignment with how things naturally move or the actual pace at which it takes to physically direct a point.

Its like this point of running and rushing through my day has become quite embedded in terms of becoming something that is starting to now affect my overall experience of myself as I move throughout my day.

So the video I watched was very supportive in terms of bringing awareness to this point of how stress and tension and ones ‘mental state’ can affect and influence one within ones day and in particular within ones decision making where then one isn’t any more making the best decisions because of the level and state of stress and tension one is existing in where in terms of my experience, I am noticing that this stress experience I experience is very closely linked and tied into this point of rushing and running through my day, through my tasks and that I am not in fact doing the best I am able to in these tasks but because I am just trying to get it done as fast as possible, I end up leaving allot of loose ends and then not doing a great job which in some cases just ends up where I then have to backtrack to go and fix mistakes that I made due to me trying to rush through something instead of really slowing myself and taking my time to walk through each task and decision that is here.

I noticed this a few days ago as a result of actually slowing myself down where slowly but surely I started to support myself to focus on one task at a time where then Id be sitting at my desk and there wouldn’t so much be this ‘energy’ running through my body impelling me to quickly go check my e-mails or my facebook or something, just anything, just do something! What emerged is more of a physical stability where I noticed that my mind wasn’t racing as much and I could for instance read through an article I came across without becoming impatient and just wanting to ‘get on to the next thing’.

Alright, so definitely worth checking out the support videos on the new Self and Living Website.


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