Vocabulary Expansion: MOLLIFY – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 666


With this blog I am continuing with my vocabulary expansion by introducing another new word into my vocabulary and into my life.

Word: Mollify

  • appease the anger or anxiety of (someone).

“nature reserves were set up around the power stations to mollify local conservationists”

  • reduce the severity of (something); soften.

“Mollify the fears of the public”

Ok and here I have found an additional point regarding the origin of this word.

  • “The Latin Word Mollis has many meanings, mainly:  soft, pliant, flexible, easily moved, gentle.

So here I am going to look at how within and as introducing this word into my vocabulary and into my life I can align and live this word in relation to principles of self support, equality and oneness, and what is best for all.

The past week or so and in the past also, I have identified this application about myself where I am quite mollis with regard to my Stand meaning, that I see I haven’t yet established myself as an absolute stable point within myself when it comes supporting me to become Self Directive and no more accepting and allowing myself to be directed and influenced by my mind as pre-programmed thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I find this will come up in moments where I am aware of when I will act/direct myself in a way that is not best for me but I will justify it, and so in doing this I have created myself and conditioned myself to ‘give in too easily’ on commitments that I have set out for myself or just giving in to easily on my overall commitment and endeavor I have taken on to become the Directive Principle of me, no more allowing preconditioned thoughts, feelings, and emotions direct me.

This is the first point which comes up within me with regards to this point of ‘Mollify’

Now what I see here also is that to correct how I am currently accepting and allowing myself to exist as this word ‘Mollify’ / ‘Mollis’ is that I must walk from how I am currently existing as the point of ‘giving in easily’ or being ‘easily moved’ from my self commitments to a point where I am Sturdy in my Stand, and following through on the commitments I set out for myself and not more accepting and allowing myself to be enticed to participate with pre-programmed thoughts, emotions, and feelings, that is not supportive or best for me or best for all.

To be or Live the word ‘Mollis’ is to be gentle with self in terms of supporting self to not go into Self Judgements within this process of Self Correction if a point does not move perfectly and/or flawlessly. I noticed this come up tonight even actually where I allowed myself to for a small moment give into a specific energy point and thus participate and engage with a particular thought pattern that I have already identified is one to correct and that even though this was a small moment where I did this, I reacted within myself and couldn’t help but make it into a big point, like creating it as a massive mistake inside me when I see that this is exactly the moment to Live a more Mollis application with myself and thus rather apply Self Forgiveness in such moments, and not beat myself up about it,  and allow myself to get back to stabilizing myself instead of going deeper into the emotional reaction point that came up in relation to the ‘mistake’ that took place.

Another interesting dimension of Mollis that I see that I would like to touch on for a moment is the dimension of understanding. I find for myself that understanding has an essence of softness to it. When I understand how something works, why it is the way it is, it really supports to ‘disarm’ the point and thus make it softer. When I understand how something works, there is a kind of ease that emerges within me in relation to the point.

I have even found this softness, this mollification, to emerge as a viewpoint within me in relation to others in where when I understand why someone is the way they are and for instance act a certain way, I find I am much more gentle towards them. With understanding I have found there is less judgement and judgement can be harsh. This has emerged within me throughout my process of Self Investigation where I have come to understand more about my own reactions and how to support myself to ‘not react’ and so when I see or notice others going into reaction, there is such a greater potential for a mollifiable viewpoint to emerge where instead of me reacting to another reacting, I am much more stable, due to my understanding and this has created much more ease and gentleness within me id say.

So Self Writing is cool in this regard to support self in coming to understand oneself,how one has created oneself, and why one experiences themselves the way they do and even how to go about supporting self to change into the best version of self possible. When I don’t understand who I am, and why something is the way it is, I see that I tend to be more easily prone to reacting and getting upset. So Self Investigative writing has been a cool tool to support in adding this mollifiable dimension to my application and expression of me.

Ok So, I will continue from Here walking my process of supporting myself and practicing this point of not being so hard on myself when I make a mistake and things don’t go perfectly. And thus practice into my life this point of Living the word ‘Mollis’.

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