Vocabulary Expansion: TORTUOUS – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 665


So in this blog I am going to introduce a new word into my vocabulary.

This idea to use my blog to do this came up within me while I was listening to one of the new interviews on Eqafe about the value of vocabulary – here is the link if you would like to invest in this interview for yourself.

I have a Vocabulary list that I have saved that I have started working with in the past so here I will continue with this list.

Word: Tortuous

Full of twists and turns.
“The route is remote and tortuous”

Excessively lengthy and complex
“A tortuous argument”

I can relate to this word Tortuous because this is how I see reality sometimes is, and also the mind. So this word ‘Tortuous’ is a cool reminder of the nature of the mind and the nature of living in our current reality in terms of being a reminder of how necessary it is to assist and support oneself to practice ones ‘Stand’ as Self Stability no matter what happens, realizing that one could potentially be faced with unexpected reactions and situations though to within this simply remain Here within a point of Self Stability and not get sucked into the emotional reaction so to speak.

Like last night for instance I had an emotional reaction come up that I really was not expecting and there wasn’t even any warning per-se for this reaction to emerge. One moment I was fine, then the next moment, here was this emotional experience taking me over.

So from my perspective the point I am busy walking and ALL are walking that has endeavored to walk the Desteni Process is the point of establishing Self as a point of absolute Stability for oneself as one walk the sometimes tortuous journey of ‘taking on the mind’ so to speak.

So here for myself I see this as a cool reference point in terms of the Potential of Stability possible within myself and so to support myself to develop and establish my own personal Self Stability no matter how Tortuous the road to Life might be.

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