From SANCTIONS to SELF FORGIVENESS – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 664


Today I read in the news about how the US has taken further sanctions on North Korea this time for their alleged role in the Sony hacks.

What is a Sanction?

The merriam-webster online dictionary defines ‘Sanction’ as

“an action that is taken or an order that is given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country, by not allowing economic aid for that country, etc.”

One point that I have found in walking my personal process of self investigation  over the last 7 years is that I have actually done, and I can see, still do this point of imposing sanctions on myself

Some years ago I was introduced to the concept of Self Forgiveness. What I see and have learned about Self Forgiveness is that it is unconditional. And this point of Unconditional Self Forgiveness can be extended to others as well. Where for instance when you see someone “doing something bad or wrong” instead of punishing them and imposing sanctions onto them, like no longer talking to them, or not returning their text message because you are mad at them, instead of doing this, you rather move to Forgiveness and what I have found is that mostly, if not always, any reaction I had towards this individuals ‘wrong doing’ that caused me to want to sanction them was related to ME in fact and issues that was/is going on within me and not really about what they did per se.

I also see that when any emotional reaction is removed from within myself in relation to my defining another as  ‘wrong doing’ its like suddenly I am rather approaching them from a starting point of looking at how I can support them in any way to correct themselves within their ‘wrong doing’ if that is necessary or simply just ‘letting the point go’ meaning the reaction within me if their ‘wrong doing’ was not really a ‘wrong doing’ but only defined as such by myself because I personally reacted to what they were doing.

Though the whole right and wrong thing is a morality point and a different blog entirely.

What I have been working with with myself is to stop imposing sanctions upon myself because this I have found is normally based in an emotional point and not a point of understanding.

Working with Self Forgiveness and Understanding is much more supportive than working with blame and punishment.

We have the death penalty which is a form of punishment that is not at all based in Self Forgiveness and Understanding but more based on this idea that you can use FEAR to fix things.

This is a massive problem in our world. And  you can see it here in this latest news event of the US imposing more sanctions onto North Korea because apparently “they did something bad” and now “they must be punished” – Ok thanks Dad! But really. If you look at it, is this not something existent in the current construct of Parenting. I see that it is in fact. That even within Parenting we have this whole sanctioning process taking place.

Perhaps this is where we as adults first learn to punish ourselves so that by the time we are in our 30’s our internal self navigation system is so fucked up that we are frequently criticizing ourselves and others in our own minds and also doing things to ourselves that is actually like a form of Self Punishment and Destruction Instead of working with unconditional Self Forgiveness and Understanding.

I find this latter approach to be really cool and has likely already supported me immensely in my life to not Self Destruct so to speak.

I do see that this point of blaming and punishing starts locally. Meaning it starts with SELF. Though at this stage I see that I would have also learned this from my enviornemnt. My Parents, my teachers, peers, authority figures, TV, ect. This concept of ‘Punishing’ is a deeply engrained system in this world. Though, it is time to CORRECT this point starting with ourselves which will ultimately facilitate this correction taking place in the greater world system. As within so without.

The whole point of the US Sanctioning North Korea also points to the current relationship among the countries and how each is still engaged in their attempt to gain what it perceives as power.

Ultimately this relationship must be corrected on an individual level first. I mean I can see that I am much less likely to judge someone and thus to ‘sanction’ them since I have been walking my process of working with Understanding and Self Forgiveness rather than Blame and Punishment.  I am much more able to approach others from the starting point of understanding, equality and doing what is best for both expressions. This is how my approach to my relationships in my world is shifting into. So with the US and North Korea. Essentially they are just like 2 individuals involved in a relationship. Unfortunately that relationship is still existent within a point of blame and punishment instead of Self Forgiveness and Understanding.

So Self First, one by one. Because our current existence is unsustainable, and destructive instead of being what is actually best for all and supporting the utmost potential of this expression we call life. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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