The Dichotomy of a Millionaire – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 663

Damien Hirst Unveils Major New Work

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

To be a Millionaire is an interesting concept.

A millionaire is a product of capitalism. It can only exist within the polarity framework of Rich and Poor. Or more accurately our current definition and experience around the point of being a Millionaire exist within the polarity framework of Rich and Poor.

If everyone was a Millionaire then the whole concept would kind of lose its current definition.

What I thought was interesting about question of “Who wants to be a Millionaire” is that there is allot of positive energy around this point of being a millionaire, though this is only so,due to the negative conditions that exist in this world. Many people get excited about thinking about being a Millionaire or having endless amounts of money due to the current daily existence of how things actually are for the majority of people on earth where being a millionaire would mean in some way escaping the hardships of the daily grind that most people live day in and day out.

I can also see how this point of someone thinking of being a Millionaire could also create the illusion that this would ‘make life better’. Not only ones physical living conditions but also ones mental landscape that goes along with how one is currently existing and living in their current life.

Most people long to escape their lives, themselves, their jobs. And so in a way, to be a Millionaire might represent this way to escape.

A Millionaire in many ways is linked to positive energy and a positive experience. Yet in reality a Millionaire is like an island. A single point of positive energy surrounded by the hardships of life. A Millionaire represents an elite position within this world. Where only a limited amount of these positions are available. With the majority of the positions people find themselves in being not so desirable or perhaps just manageable and livable where one might be fine with their life though this “being fine” existing within a point of compromise and settling for a life that “hey, it could be worse”

Anyways, I just thought this was an interesting dichotomy about the word Millionaire. How it is seen as something desirable and positive but in actuality  when considering the full picture, represent something that is actually quite different. That being a System of inequality where millions suffer for every 1 or 10 that don’t. How can this be a good thing? So then how is it that a positive experience could exist around the word ‘millionaire’ if it implies something quite the opposite of positive? – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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