Changing Ingrained Behaviors – An Artists Journey To life: Day 659

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Recently I have listened to 2 eqafe interviews that has been going into detail on how to stop and change particular physical behaviors once those behaviors have become so ingrained that its like they just take over and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to stop the point. The example they gave was nail-biting which I can related to though I could also see other behaviors in my life where this seemingly unstoppable automated behavior plays-out.

The approach to stopping these such ingrained behaviors was described as a kind of reverse conditioning point.

Where normally what I have been doing to support myself in my process of Self Change throughout the years is I usually begin with writing about the point and then only after writing about it and also at times additionally writing out the Self Forgiveness’s and Self Corrective statements to then after that practice the actual Physical Living Correction.

Though what I have found with a few points is that I have written pages and pages and pages and pages over the years on the point, looking at all the various dimensions and intricacies of the point and also scrutinizing it at times also in my writing to see if I may have missed  anything which would cause the point to return or cause me not to follow through with the change, and despite the writing I have done on the point ultimately the point or behavior would continue and so in the 2 interviews I listened to what was suggested with points like this was this ‘reverse conditioning’ point where once a point has become so physically automated and engrained that one must do the whole Self Correction process in a kind of reverse way where one start with the actual Stopping of the behavior firstly when ever it comes up and then from there once one has stopped the action, to then apply the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment statement and/or even then going into the writing but firstly what is important is that one first initially simply stop the behavior in the moment it comes up.

So this was some cool perspective because I see I had created this idea within me that “ I can’t just stop” that I Must write about it, I must understand it, and that the stopping will flow from the understandings and realizations that come from the writing.

So it was cool to listen to these interviews and have this slight different perspective with facing some points that it is “ok” to just simply stop, and then from there, from the stopping, to then go into the writings and/or self forgiveness’s and self commitments.

Another key point mentioned in the interviews was how with these particular behaviors that the process of stopping will be just that – A Process. That you just can’t stop the behavior in one moment, apply the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment and then the next time it comes up go back into the behavior.

So the Key was the emphasis on how it will be a process that one will be walking and so I can relate to this point, how it makes sense that one will have to stop the behavior each and every time that the ‘possession’ takes place within oneself and one starts to act out the particular physical behavior. So each and every time when the behavior comes up one must simply stop the behavior in the moment.

For clarity sake Id recommend listening to the 2 interviews for yourself – enjoy. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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