How The Living Income Guaranteed Will Reduce the Inherent Self Doubt of the Human- An Artists Journey To Life: Day 657


I am grateful to have a job working as an artist. Not allot of people have this privilege. I went to art school and did allot of art up to about the age of 26. Then I started moving away from doing art and doing other things. I am 33 now and a year and half ago I got a job working for an art gallery making stone sculptures of wildlife. I mainly stick to a 9 to 5 type schedule. And on the weekends or if I decide to do a shorter day at work, I will go out and make landscape oil paintings. I sell both paintings and sculptures. What is interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by where I don’t experience doubt within myself in relation to what I am doing. “Will my pieces sell?”, “Will buyers keep buying?” This doubt is interesting because its not necessary from the perspective that all that we as humanity require to do is change the structure of our current system and we could create an environment where this doubt that I live with daily, that I imagine millions, billions live with daily, would be no more, would simply not have the conditions present to feed its existence. This experience of doubt that I have is related to a fear of not having enough resources to live on. That suddenly I will not have access to such resources, because we have structured our current world system in a way that actually cultivates this doubt though making  an individuals access to resources subject to money only money is not guaranteed.

There is no guarantees that my art pieces will sell, and buyers will keep buying. Though my experience of myself throughout my day would be entirely different if we had a Living Income Guarantee in place within our world system. LIG guarantees an income to all individuals on earth to live a life of dignity and that this ensures that an individual ALWAYS has access to ones basic needs. Imagine that! If one could always trust that they will have food to eat, a roof over their head. Imagine what kind of affects this would have on one’s physical and mental health and well being no more existing in constant state of fear and stress at the prospect of them suddenly having no money and thus no more access to resources.

If money had no power to purchase anything, it would just be paper, it would be useless. It would not have the same value to human beings as it does now. Money is not what people want or what people love. It is the Resources that Money buys that people want and love. Freedom essentially is a form of simply having unlimited access to resources so that one do not have to worry that suddenly they will be denied this access to their basic human needs and necessities that is necessary for nurturing the full potential of the individual.  food, clothing, water, shelter, hygiene, transportation, education, ect.

Right now companies use the current set-up of our system to coerce individuals to do things that they otherwise would not do. No one wants to work 10 hours a day in a factory repeating the same motions over and over. But they do it, because that is what gives them money and thus resources. And so in this way evil is allowed to exist because our current system cultivates it. Fascinating really how human lives are being leveraged by those in positions of power. Because even those in positions of power face the daunting prospect of them losing everything and ending up with nothing and no money and so no resources and so ultimately I can see how those in positions of power are also being driven by a fear of potentially losing everything because they can see that this system, How our current system is set up, does not protect anyone. It is like, no one is exempt to a certain degree. Yet this fear that is in part perpetuating the aspects of Evil in Human Nature could cease to exist through changing the rules and relationships of our current world system.

This is why I am in support of transitioning our current system of pure capitalism into a Living Income Guarantee System that will ensure that each and every Human Being born to earth will be Guaranteed access to resources from Birth to Death. Obviously there are conditions that are unavoidable that may occur like natural disasters and such that may inhibit the perfect flow of any system , though the important point here to consider is that where currently we as Human Beings are the ones creating the conditions where access to resources is never a guarantee.  And this is what a Living Income Guarantee system is all about. It is about actually Aligning the human intention and action in a way where we as a Race, as a Species is in fact Benevolent though making sure that ALL Always has access to dignified living and that this Human Right to Live, to have access to that which one require to develop to their utmost potential is available to all equally.

Practically Speaking a Living Income Guarantee is viable. And it would also indicate an actual ‘evolution of sorts of Mankind and of Human Nature. A Shift of Human Nature from Greed and Self Interest to actually considering the Whole and what is best for ALL.

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