A Love Affair with EMOTIONS – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 651

The Characters of Self

Today I was having a chat with someone and during that chat I started to see a particular point about myself where I have been accepting and allowing myself to give into the mind.

This particular aspect of myself which I have been accepting and allowing to control and direct me is my Emotional Experience.

And so here I will share what I realized and seen about myself today.

I see that I have been ‘giving into emotion’ for quite some time. That this has really been a dominant point within myself and my living where I have been more and more succumbing to my emotional experiences instead of utilizing the Tools I have available to me to assist and support myself to Stand and Remain Here, Clear, and Stable whenever such emotional experiences emerge within me.

The Tools I have available to me being, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements both written, and/or spoken in the moment, Breathing as a point of stabilizing myself and anchoring myself here in and as the physical as a reference point of ‘where I want to be living and moving and directing myself’ and Self Writing as a point of opening up in deail the more ‘tough’ points, to assist and support myself within my process of understanding just how it is such points are existing inside me. There is quite some in depth context for these tools though Id say the perfect introduction for these can be found in the Free Course DIP Lite.

So at this stage I am going to assist and support myself to utilize these tools to support me to no more allow myself to give into my emotional experiences because man I can see how I have really become so bogged down and ultimately ineffective within my Self Movement in my reality because “I just don’t FEEL like moving myself”

With an ‘E’-Motions, the only thing that moves is ‘E’nergy. Remove the Energy Experience as ‘E’motion and you are left with Motion. And so it is about Self Motion not Energy Motion. when Energy Moves, Self does not.

I also see how instead of supporting myself to Stand in relation to my emotional experiences that I would end up looking for quick fixes like a ‘jolt of electricity’ to ‘jolt’ me out of my emotional experience of for instance feeling depressed or sad or disappointed or simply just feeling ‘down’, into a different experience of ‘feeling better’ or ‘feeling ok’ and so I had come to depend on these quick fixes which would for a moment jolt me out of my emotional experience for a brief moment only to after a bit of time slowly but surely i’d sink back down into my emotional experience and then just FEEL STUCK. And so it is here where I see, realize, and understand that I must in fact apply Self Forgiveness to assist and support myself to Stand Up from within and as this “feeling stuck” experience and to thus walk free and clear of it.

Another interesting question here that came up is when I looked at these specific things I utilized to ‘Jolt’ myself out of my negative experience. There are a many number of things that people use to do this; Sugar, Sex, Sports, Porn, Drugs, Alcohol, Naps, Eating, TV, Internet, socializing, smoking, shopping, music ext, basically anything that is used as a kind of escape from ones ‘emotional state’ but that is not in fact an actual Solution but rather more of a suppression because one is not in fact addressing the source point which I see is where I actually don’t want to let go of my emotional experience and stand up from within and as it. And so I will go for the quick fix distraction from it because that in a way gives me the illusion that I am ‘doing something about it’ meanwhile I haven’t in fact really worked with that point of WHO I AM and How I Direct ME in relation to the emotional experience at its fundamental level. Meaning, the ‘problem’ if you will is that I have not been Directing myself to Stand Up from my emotional experiences but have in fact accepted myself to just give into them. A quick fix is not in fact a Self Directed decision to let go of the emotional experience and to assist and support Self through the tools of Self Forgiveness, and Self Corrective Living to Change who one is accepting and allowing oneself to be in relation to such dimensions of Self and thus to Stand Up from within and as It.  This is exactly where I see I require to Direct and Correct myself and to stop utilizing quick fixes to mask or temporarily shift my experience for a few moments but rather to utilize Self Forgiveness and Breath to Move myself to not accept and allow myself to sink into my emotional experiences, and to allow them to direct and influence me. So the question that came up is where does the real addiction lie? Because as a society there is various Addictions to various substances, and behaviors and I have seen this for myself as well. And I also see that these behaviors and substances that becomes an addiction is linked to that “quick fix” point to temporarily shift or alter my experience however I see that what I must do is get down to the roots of the real addiction here, and I see that that is the addiction to EMOTIONAL ENERGY. I see that going for a quick fix is also a statement I am making to myself that “I don’t really want to address what is really going on here” which is why am I not assisting and supporting myself to Stand Up and MOVE and DIRECT Myself in relation to the Emotional Experiences that is coming up within me but am instead giving into them, succumbing to them, sinking into them, and allowing them to just wash over me where its like I am just there floating  within them in this particular emotional state experience.

So I must address the core here. That actual experience that I tend to want to jolt myself out of instead of actually Walking Myself out of step by step utilizing Self Forgiveness, Breathing, and Understanding.

Ok so I will stop here for tonight and from here assist and support myself to no more accept and allow myself to continue giving in to my emotional experiences as I see that what has happened within allowing this is that my entire day is like me being submerges in different emotional experiences that I see has quite an affect and influence on my ability to Direct and Move myself effectively within my Practical Real Time Functionality.

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