Basic Pillars of Self Support – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 648


The point I would like to write about today is the point of getting back to the basics of Self Change within the context of ‘stopping the mind’.

In looking at my own process and application of assisting and supporting myself to change and transform myself from existing as a pre-programmed automated being living and acting out those programmed behaviors and patterns that I inherited from the generations that has gone before me and then as well, forming my own programming throughout my life, so changing myself from this to a Self Directed being Living from the Starting Point of “what is best for all”, what I have been noticing recently is that I have really gotten off track with this entire process starting with the very basic principles of doing this.

One aspect of this I noticed tonight is how I have gotten away from the simplicity of this process. I have gotten away from my foundation. From Breathing. From Breathing, and stopping the mind, stopping the thoughts, emotions and feelings, and Directing Me from a starting point of simply me moving me within the context of what is best for all and what is best for me and so within this assisting and supporting myself to become an effectively functioning being within my life and within this world.

The past while whenever I would look at what to write a blog about I could not see anything. Tonight when I looked at what to write a blog about I again could not see a clear point. The thought came up within me “I have no idea what to write about because I have no idea where to begin applying myself”

So what I was doing is I would look at my process overall and look at my current life and my current experience and look at ‘how do I apply myself’ and within looking at this I would have this experience coming up of “I have lost my way” Like I have gotten away from applying myself and now I have no idea how to do this.

One point I see is that I have this idea that because I have been walking my process now for quite some time (7 years) that I should be more advanced in my application, though if I really look at myself I would actually really benefit from just getting back to basics of Stopping thoughts, feelings and emotions in every moment and utilizing Breathing as a focus point to assist and support myself to remain HERE in and as my physical and thus here Directing myself within the responsibilities in my life/environment which must be done.

And so I see that that would actually benefit me at the moment and so I can let go of the idea that I have to now be walking some advanced application because I have been busy with my process for some time now.

I mean if I look at myself I can see that I have really gotten away from these basic Pillars of Process.

Breathing – Here Breath is utilized as a reference point of ones Self Awareness. Am I aware of my Breathing? Am I aware of every breath? Or am I skipping breaths and off somewhere in my mind. And so Not Self Aware here in the moment. And so the point here is to assist and support Myself to really utilize this Reference point of Breath to Align myself HERE because what I see is that Breath is a Physical Expression, and so Here in assisting and supporting myself to focus on my breathing throughout the day I can assist and support myself to BE HERE in and as the Physical Body and my Physical environment and get out of the Realms of the Mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotion.

So breath is the first point.

Next is

Stopping Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions.

Here is to when ever I see myself going into my mind, and going into thinking, imagination, fantasizing, playing out memories, playing out past or future conversations with others, dwelling on things, participating with the inner talk in my head to here assist and support myself to SIMPLY STOP in that moment I become aware that I am doing this and to bring myself HERE, to the physical. Out of the mind and HERE into and as Breath, and Being Here where the Alignment is to practice Living and Directing Myself Here within and as Common Sense Practical Decision making and Direction where I support myself to become a Responsible Being, living within the context of what is actually best for me and what is best for all. Ultimately simplistically also I see that my goal here with getting back to the basic Pillars of Process is to assist and support myself to become and effectively functional being within my own reality instead of existing under the control, direction and influence of the mind.

So here I also assist and support myself to stop myself from participating within my emotions, and feelings that I see I have developed a kind of addictive relationship with. Again the application is the same to whenever I see I am existing within a particular emotional/feeling experience and that this is directing and influencing my direction, to BREATH and to bring myself back here. To pull myself out of the experience and bring myself back to HERE, to BREATH, to the physical where there is the physical and where there isn’t the influence, the heaviness, the tickling, the weightiness, the stickiness, the claustrophobic suffocation of emotional or feeling experiences that one become submerged or spacy within

So here is a starting point for myself to assist and support myself to get back on track with applying myself within stopping my mind from being the directive principle of me/my life, and for me to become this directive principle and expression for myself.


-Stopping thoughts, feelings, and emotions in every moment.

-Directing SELF within the context of becoming a Practically Functionally Effective Being  within my environment/Life

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