Morning Time, Rise and Breathe – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 646

Morning Meeting (1280x1012)

Today was my last day at work before my 1 week vacation. With work over these last few months I have been assisting and supporting myself to develop a point of Consistency with my work schedule.

 In some ways, I can decided how much time I work and how much not so I do have a degree of flexibility in my schedule, though I recognized within myself that it is most effective if I practice being consistent and Stable within my work hours.

 So this is a point that I have been deliberately working with myself really for years.

 Though with the Job I have had for the last year and half it has been very much Self Directed in terms of the times I decided to work so have been supporting myself to maintain a responsible work Schedule and not accepting and allowing myself to be ‘flimsy’ in my decisions to show up to work at specific hours. But to establish a pattern of honoring the commitments I make to myself with regards to the hours I work each week and not accepting and allowing myself to go into excuses and justifications for why I would not honor these commitments, even when/if its just a matter of minutes.

 I have found that there is Deliberateness present even when I show up 5 or 10 minutes late. Because I have found when I deliberately direct myself to show up at or before the time I decided to work that I can in fact do this, so when I show up 5 or 10 minutes late that this is simply a reflection of me in how I am accepting and allowing myself to direct myself and so showing that I am not executing effectively but allowing my mind as my thoughts, feelings, emotions, to direct and influence me within this point.

 So the last month in particular I have been pushing that point of making sure I show up at the time I have decided is most practical. And also these last 2 weeks I have included a new application within this, which is to get up 15 minutes early so that I am not ‘in a panic’ when I get out of bed, but rather so I can walk at a natural pace and still arrive at work on time.

 Last week I woke up from a nap and I experienced myself as being in a rush as if it is time to go work. This supported me in seeing how I had created/programmed  this entire rush experience within and as myself through how I was always waiting to the last minute to get out of bed before I have to go to work and then to make it to work on time Id have to rush and so had essentially programmed this pattern/experience in through by spending the first 15 to 20 minutes of each day in a ‘rushed state’. So I decided to start getting up early as a point of re-programming this point for myself so that when I wake up I can simply walk at a natural pace and have lots of time to get to work, and that way I can allow myself to ‘stop and smell the roses’ so to speak as I walk the practical point of showing up to work at the specific time I had decided.

 So this has actually been much more pleasant since I started doing this, because yes, now I can take my time, and get everything I need to get done, done, before I leave, and then I can drive and get a coffee and do not have to be standing in line experiencing this ‘rushed experience’ inside me but can breathe and be here. So yes, a practical physical re-alignment of getting up just a few minutes earlier was necessary here.

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