Foot Fidgeting – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 641

Earth Yourself


So here, I am having a look at a mannerism that I require to correct. This mannerism is ‘foot shaking/fidgeting’.

I have found over the past few months that this point has become quite prominent and that I haven’t really been doing anything to correct this behavior.

When I sit at my computer and have my feet on my bed or when I sit on my bed, I will fidget, and wriggle and writhe my feet all over the place, twisting my ankles and scrunching my toes.

Self Forgiveness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in this mannerism of fidgeting and writhing my feet where even though I have noticed this, I have not directed myself within myself to stop this and to assist and support myself to sit still and thus be here and stable within my human physical body without the need to start going into the automated behavior of fidgeting, writing, twisting, my feet and scrunching my toes.

Solution/Self Commitment

When and as I see myself participating within the automated behavior of fidgeting and/or writhing my feet, I take a deep inbreath, and in that in-breath I bring myself as my Self Awareness back into myself/my human physical body / Here, stabilizing myself Here within myself and so in this direct myself to stop fidgeting and writhing my feet around. I see that this behavior is a point that feeds my mind, where within this fidgeting of my feet, swirling and writing them about without even realizing it, I see that I am not in fact fully Here, and Aware of myself Here in and as the physical body and environment because if I was, I would surly notice my feet going haywire on the end of my legs. And so I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop this automated fidgeting mannerism and so thus rather in such moments, assist and support myself to establish myself into and as the Physical where I am fully aware of my body and so thus Directing myself to be Here, and to be stable, no more accepting and allowing this automated behavior to exist but rather to transform such moments into moments of Hereness, and Self Presence, instead of being somewhere in my mind, not in fact really here and so not being aware of how my physical body is actually moving.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk this self correction until I no more have this particular mannerism come up but that I thus fully establish and integrate the Self Correction of and as myself of thus no more accepting and allowing myself to participate within foot fidgeting as a symptom of being absent, off somewhere in my mind,  instead of being HERE in full self awareness of my Human Physical Body in the moment.

I commit myself to realize that these seemingly insignificant points are opportunities to assist and support myself to work with myself within my process of assisting and supporting myself to Establish myself as a Fully HERE Self Aware, Self Directive being, and so thus to stop ignoring these seemingly insignificant points or passing them off as insignificant.

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