Insights into Making a Pros and Cons List – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 638

Yesterday, while I was writing out a Pros and Cons list in relation to a decision that I was investigating, I realized an interesting point.

I have written out numerous pros and cons lists in my life as a point of supporting me to potentially gain more insights into particular decisions that I have faced/am facing in my life, whether related to relationships, career, purchases, schedules, and pretty much any decision one might face in one’s life.

The point that I was looking at yesterday was related to helping out at an event related to my job where an aspect of that was also interacting with potential clients within a semi-sales setting and so there being potential to generate some sales/income. This is not normally where Id spend my time at my job but was/is more a extra potential that I could decide to participate within from time to time. So Here what I have found is I am more comfortable with what I normally do and had some resistance to participating within points that are newer and I still have to learn to do effectively.

As I was writing out the list, this point came up within me of where I could see that I was having some emotional reactions/resistances coming up inside myself in relation to doing this point,

Though what I decided to do was to not include those reactions in my pro’s and con’s list but to focus on the actual physical  Pros and Cons that were more measurable in terms of their impact on me and my life.

So what I ended up with was a lengthy list of pros and virtually zero cons, because I noticed that the only ‘cons’ within me was actually reactions/resistances that I was having and that those are not actually cons! – those are reactions.

So in removing the reactions or leaving the reactions out of the Pro’s and Con’s list I actually never really had any cons come up or that the Pros, drastically outweighed the cons and so after I had compiled the list I used basic common sense, to make the decision based on the results of the list  and the decision was made to walk the point because it would be ridiculous to not considering all the pros/benefits I could see in walking the point.

When I sat there and said to myself

“ok what are the con’s”

That is when reactions started coming up

Here is a list of what the Cons section would have looked like if I included reactions into it

Cons with reactions

“its not fair that I have to do it”

“ I don’t want to spend my time doing that”

“I am being used”

“I could do something else with that time”

These reactions were interesting because looking at list I had complied of the PROS to actually walking this point – these reactions actually made no sense on a physical level.

Here is what the list of cons looks like as I discluded reactions realizing that these are not in fact valid cons.

Cons without reactions

(no cons)

So what I realized here is that an emotional reaction is NOT a Con. And so in the future I am definitely going to test this way of doing a Pros and Cons list again of making sure that I am not including my reactions into the list and so rather simply to focus on the actual physical Pros and Cons in terms of how the points will have a physical impact on my development /expansion and or contraction


Some of the physical Pros that I came up with was



-I would get more experience in a particular side of my job that I see is valuable (sales)

– I would have the opportunity to develop my communication skills which is another point I was already clear that I see, realize, and understand is of value for me to do to ‘get me out of my shell’

– Its something different – nice to change it up (getting me out of my shell)

– Potential for more income (income stability)

– Good for Networking

So yes, some cool realizations here with how to support myself within utilizing a pros and cons format to open up points where I see the effectiveness in focusing on the more measurable physical aspects and leaving opinions and emotional reactions out of the list.


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