Supporting Myself to Realize and Live my Utmost Potential – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 623

Realising and living my utmost potential

In this blog I am beginning the process of walking each of the principles stated in the Desteni Manifesto and within this, placing my insights and perspective of ‘what this means to me’ based on in particular the past 6 ½ years since I was introduced to these principles and have since then taken it upon myself to assist and support myself to walk and live these principles, incorporating these into myself and my life to the best of my ability with the goal of eventually becoming the embodiment and expression of these such principles as who I am absolutely.

I will also consider within this process, and share accordingly any points that come up in terms of where I  see I can further assist myself to align myself and my living to the walking and living of each of these principles as I have found that during my process over the last 6+ years, the application of ACTUALLY LIVING each of these principles Absolutely has been ‘quite challenging’ and so thus involves a process to in fact become the living expression of such principles and so thus here as I walk through this list, I will use this also as an opportunity for me to Further-Establish and refine myself within my Stand, and within my Self Commitment to in fact assist and support myself to Live these such principles, as I see, realize and understand that to endeavor to anything less than Living an Absolute and Complete integration, embodiment and application of these principles is to accept a lesser version of myself  which is to thus not in fact Live to my utmost potential. I see that if I am not yet living these principles that it simply means that there is ‘room for improvement’  or  more I can do in terms of expanding, understanding, seeing, realizing and living my utmost potential.

And so this brings me/us to the first principle.

1. “Realizing and Living my utmost potential.”

So, how am I living or do I live the principle of ‘realizing and living my utmost potential’ day to day.

First a foremost here: I write daily.

For me writing has been the foundation of myself assisting and supporting myself within realizing and living my utmost potential. My writing process varies from writing and publishing my blog, to working on my DIP assignments or sitting down with a notebook and pen and simply writing out any point that is here.

So in my writing I am assisting and supporting myself to stabilize myself and to get to know me. Within my writing I also apply Self Forgiveness on areas of my life that I am in process of stabilizing or working on Correcting and then also I write out Self Corrective Statements as how or what I am going to do in terms of a practical way that I am going to assist and support myself within practically living the Correction of the points I am working on where then from there I will go out into my day and assist and support myself to test/Live in my physical living the Correction that I placed in writing.

This point of taking my writing into a practical living application took some time to really grasp and is still a point I am assisting myself within in terms of developing my ability to utilize my writing process as a tool in a more ‘practical’ way meaning where within my writing I can align what I write with the physical from the perspective of being able to practically walk and live that which I have put down on paper.

So it’s not simply enough to write and then leave it at that – though I would not worry about it from the perspective of I’d suggest to just go ahead with getting the writing point established as a daily activity where then through this one will as I have and am continuing to do, develop one’s ability to utilize ones writing process more effectively in a way where one learns how to write in a way to practically support self to then LIVE in one’s real world. Writing alone will not do it. Writing must become a tool to support self in ones daily physical self transformation as Living the Change in real-time. Often ‘a change’ which one has before hand realized and scripted in writing.

But overall writing has been a way that I have assisted and supported myself within realizing and living to my utmost potential.

I mean I see the difference in my life very directly where for instance when I am not writing I find I am less stable in my daily living where I see I am more likely to be influenced and directed by an emotional or feeling experience/reaction.

When I write I am more stable and thus more directive and effective in my living because in my writing I investigate the points which are ‘giving me problems’ instead of just letting them fester inside me. And so in writing I get to know myself, I see Solutions that I then can assist myself with applying if and when such experiences/points come up again.

I also find that Writing is a statement I am making for and as myself of “I am HERE Supporting ME” and this alone – This statement that I make as the physical act of writing as a point of DIRECTION that assists me in developing my TRUST of and as myself that I AM Supporting me.

I mean writing is a very basic simple thing one can do and especially when for instance one goes into points or experiences of “I am lost” or “there is nothing I can do to help myself”  or “I don’t know what to do to help myself” often for me writing is a point which is always HERE that I can utilize to support myself and really there is never usually anything stopping or preventing me from writing because its really easy to get the tools to write – you just need your computer or a pen and paper and so for me Writing has become a basic fundamental way that I take to assist and support myself to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ME and to support myself within REALIZING AND LIVING MY UTMOST POTENTIAL.

So I am going to stop here for now and will continue in my next blog.

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