SELF-Relationship – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 622

Core Foundation  (498x800)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see/here the word ‘Relationship’?

An image of your partner?
2 people walking hand in hand?

I had an interesting point come up the other day in relation to this word Relationship.

I realized essentially that whenever I see/hear this word that what I normally think about or see or what normally first comes up inside me is the ‘standard definition’ of the word relationship where in our society this word has been programmed extensively within the context of where you have 2 individuals coming together to go into a relationship of sorts.

Now the interesting point that happened the other day is that the point of ‘relationship’ was brought up and the first thing which came up inside me was SELF. Actually that is not entirely true, I first started to ‘go to’ the point of where you have 2 beings together in a relationship but I immediately stopped myself and that is when I realized how extensively the word Relationship has been programmed within the context of where it is normally always related to 2 beings like a boyfriend girlfriend or someone your married to or something like that but never, or very rarely, is the MOST IMPORTANT Relationship the one that actually comes up when considering this word and that is the Relationship one has with oneself. Thee PRIMARY RELATIONSHIP so to speak which everything else stems/flows from; Ones relationship with Oneself.

So it was an interesting realization point in that moment in seeing how I have so deeply accepted the programmed definition of ‘relationship’ that we as humanity has embedded into our existence and how this definition in fact is not ALIGNED with Supporting ourselves to reach our utmost potential from the perspective of the necessity of one to have a stable and effective relationship with oneself in order to really live effectively as an individual on this earth not to mention to be able to actually have a stable supportive relationship with another. I mean, if your SELF AGREEMENT is fucked up then your agreement or relationship you have with others will just be an extension of this.

And what is fascinating here is that the main definition of the word ‘relationship’ within our world is not in fact aligned with what would be most supportive to the development and evolution of Life – and so no wonder we as humanity are engaged in perpetual self destruction, Because our priorities are ‘misaligned’ which can be seen here in our definition of the word relationship which when one speak/hear this word, the first point that should come up is the point of  SELF and who one is within and as oneself, and how one live day to day as the relationship one is existing within as oneself. Instead our attention is immediately diverted ‘out-there’ onto others, your partner, your future partner ect.

So this was a cool point for me to see and now for me to assist and support myself within re-aligning. I mean this really also show me a point of dysfunction within myself ultimately that when I would say/hear this word ‘relationship’ that Id immediately think of 2 people or my partner ect, and miss the point of Myself Here Alone as the ‘Relationship’ of utmost importance

So here a cool point of re-aligning to support myself with so that SELF, ME, HERE becomes that which first comes up when ever I see/here the word relationship.

I will continue walking this point in Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements in blogs to come.

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