Are We Really Human BEINGS? Or Just Human PICTURES – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 619

I have been looking at the point of how I have come to place so much value on what a person looks like as opposed to who a person is. In our world today what a person looks like has become the ultimate value of that person. Yet a Human Being is called a Human BEING and not called a Human PICTURE.

This aspect of our society of how a person looks as their physical appearance becoming the point of interest and what essentially becomes glamorized and exalted has been identified in the general awareness as such as being something that is clearly a form of dysfunction or a superficial value, however this aspect of our world only seems to be gaining in momentum and becoming more and more inflated, and extreme in terms the value we are actually still giving to this point.

So on the one had we as society do recognize and understand that one ‘should not judge a book by its cover’ yet we still do it and not only this we still do this in a way that is becoming increasingly more prominent where this apparently unimportant part of being a human being is actually if you look around being given more and more importance and becoming more a part of how we actually interact with each other. Despite us being aware that this is not how we should be basing our relationships with each other.

Now I have noticed this specifically about myself as well where I have accepted and allowed myself to ultimately ‘judge a book by its cover’, judging a Human BEING as a Human PICTURE and failing to really release myself from this ‘point of value’ that I have given to life.

There are so many justifications that we as society and individuals have created in terms of how we have manipulated ourselves to allow this particular point of superficial value to remain comfortably and securely embedded into structure of who we are as human pictures….I mean human beings. Like for instance where we would still justify points like ‘physical attraction’ as being valid, not self honestly realizing that this can imply a form of valuing only what someone looks like as opposed to who that being in fact is within themselves.

What someone looks like has nothing to do with who they actually are as their “Human Beingness” A point that has come up within me as I have been looking at this point is why do not I not look at who a being really is in terms of the opinion I form about them.

How is it that I have come to give so much value to something that is actually nothing but a surface impression and thus fail to actually see the being, I fail to really see how they live day to day, how they interact, how they support themselves and others. All I see is ‘what they look like’ and then accordingly I form my judgement/opinion of them and then from there categorize them within myself as either ‘worth something to me’ or ‘not worth anything to me’ Quite vicious really. Yet people will justify this and not see how it is really limiting and underestimating life/people and not really allowing oneself to see past the ‘picture’ and see the real substance and real potential of a being/expression of life.

I see that I have still allowed this point of what a person looks like to be dominant in determining my viewpoint of the world and ultimately what I do and how I live – And thus I see that I have in this missed the point of seeing the actual substance of a human BEING as who they actually are and how they live, interact and participate in this world. So its like I walk around all day never actually seeing anybody. I just see these surface impressions as picture presentations and I fail to see beyond the surface.

So this is a point I still must obviously align within myself within my process of Self Realization. Because I have been met with this reality of myself of how I still am allowing this pre-programmed value system where ‘beauty’ which is ultimately the ‘picture presentation’ of something/someone is more important than who the being actually is as how they live and who they are.

Its like I am missing out on so much because I am not allowing myself see all the other ways in which human beings exist. So I am missing the content  of the being so to speak. Like I am ‘buying the book’ but then ‘never reading it and just deciding the value of the book based on the cover’.

I mean honestly if you judge a book by its cover and then buy it. Then I am sure reading that book will ultimately allow you to re-assess and develop a more substantial understanding of what the book is all about. I guess that then the problem with our society is not so much the fact that we judge books by their covers as judging someone by what they look like but the problem is that we never even end up reading the book but just going with our ‘initial judgements’. I am not saying judging a book by its cover is ‘ok’ I am just recognizing that this still does tend to happen though we can support ourselves to change this way of seeing if we would expand ourselves into actually ‘reading the book’ or ‘getting to know someone for real’ instead of just allowing our first impression judgement to be our final analysis of a point.

So just wanted to mention this point today in my blog as it has been coming up allot lately in my reality where I am realizing how much I am still being influenced by this point despite the fact of being aware that ‘of course this is a superficial way to look at things’. So seeing here that I require much more introspection and self investigation to really support myself to re-align myself within and as this point, ultimately assisting and supporting myself to align myself from existing as a Human Picture to an actual Human Being where I support myself within my writing, self forgiveness and self correction process to re-align my Living so that I am no more accepting and allowing myself to be consumed by ‘cover’ of someone and in that never in fact seeing/getting to know them and discovering a more substantial way to establish relationships within this world.

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