Full Self Presence in the Moment – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 614


In my blog yesterday I was examining the word ‘Alive’ and in this re-defining it for myself in a way where it becomes a point that I am able to practically live for myself in every moment and thus no more having this word be something that “is out of my control” so to speak.

As I was writing, there was a dimension opening up within me in relation to this that I did not actually write about yesterday and so here I would like to expand on yesterdays blog and bring this particular dimension into play that I noticed was coming up yesterday but decided to not include in yesterdays blog due to the length of the blog.

And I am also here going to try and make this blog a little more playful instead of being so rigid like the first 2 paragraphs. Lol.

** Note to Self – breathe and keep it light! Don’t be such a Robot when you write.

Ok so the other day during a chat I was having, a point was being discussed that came up again yesterday as I was writing my blog and redefining the word ‘Alive’.

So what was/is this point?

It is the point of ‘being here in full presence’.

Now the reason this point started to break through yesterday as I was looking at how I could re-define this word ‘Alive’ for myself and make it something livable for myself is because one thing I notice when ‘I am not alive’ or ‘feeling bored’ is that everything just seems to get all ‘blaw’ And so I noticed this little twinkle inside me as this point jumping up saying “Andrewwwwww, Loook aaat meeeeeeee – I am the Perrrrfect Ingredient to refine Your you Living Expression of Yourself as ALiiiiivie with” And so I am here now adding this point to my re-definition as an additional element I can utilize to assist and support myself to Live, be, Express Me in and as ‘Alive’ an no more waiting for this point of ‘Feeling Alive’ to happen to me.


The point is to really Bring Myself Here so that in each moment, I have my absolute and full attention of and as me HERE in the moment so that I am Here Fully on the edge of the moment, and moving/expressing me with my Full Awareness Here.

Initially this whole point of redefining the word alive stemmed from my experience at work where it has become like where Id have to haul myself out of bed and carry myself step by step by step to my car and then get in the car, and then drive to work and then get my coffee and then get my tools and then BLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……………………………………And all the while it was like I was carrying this heavy weight and my body movements were all stiff and ridged and so it was WHAT THE F(bleeeeeeeep)K.

What I also noticed is that so often I would be there at work but I would also be off somewhere in my head, thinking about being at home or projecting myself off into the future somewhere and so I was just kind of ‘going through the motions’ but I was not really here. I was Not Here in FULL ATTENTION, Full Self Presence and Directing MY Full, Complete and Entire Self Here as my Expression at work – And so I realized that Id like to bring this point of Supporting Myself to be Completely HERE in the moment as part of my practical application of me Living and Expressing Me as the Living Word ‘Alive’

So today I was practicing this – not only at work but also simply just as I was walking around and doing other things and so I was supporting myself to get out of my mind and stop dividing myself up into various different dimensions, realities, thoughts, projections, inner conversations, emotional experiences within myself but rather supporting myself to be completely Here EQUAL AND ONE with the Moment.

Ok so this is the additional point I am here adding to my practical application of living/expressing me in and as ‘Alive’ to within this assist and support myself to Align myself Here in the moment within and as my expression within my FULL PRESENCE of me so that I can really have ALL of myself here and thus have my total focus, and observational, execution ability Here to support me within really exploring, investigating, engaging  and expressing me within this reality in a way that support me best.

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