Stepping Out of “Wishing Things Were Better” – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 612

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘want things to be easier or easy’ in relation to my job/career from the perspective where I will accept and allow myself to go into a kind of idea that I want things to be easier and end up getting caught up in this idea, thinking about, and wondering about it, and not realizing that when I am doing this, I am giving more value and attention to my mind, to my wants and desires, instead of assisting and supporting myself to ground myself in what is practically here as my actual reality and thus to assist and support myself to stick to what is real, and actual, and develop my ability to transform what is here into an effective point of support which I see, realize and understand is not done through simply ‘wanting it to be here already’ where I will focus my attention on ‘the idea of this only’ as some future projection that is in fact not here and then in focusing on this, form a kind of ‘bond’ with this image/mental projection in my mind as the idea of “wanting and wishing things would be easier” as the mental projection of ‘what I want my reality to be’  instead of keeping myself focused and aligned to Here in and as my physical reality, sticking with what is REAL, instead of existing bound to an idea in my mind that is not in fact directly related in a substantially practical way to what is really in fact real.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself thinking that or wishing that “things were easier” to immediately stop and take a breath.

I realize that this point/experience of thinking that or wishing that things were easier is indicating to me that I am accepting and allowing myself to exist as my pre-programmed self who has accepted and allowed me to have formed relationships to this process of “thinking about things in my mind” in a way where in doing this I have distorted my understanding of reality through having accepted and allowed myself to believe that what I see in my mind, is in fact real and is in fact ‘how things should be’, and so here what ends up happening is that my attention becomes diverted into my mind into these mental projections where I end up giving more value and consideration to these than to my actual real physical reality that is here.

In this I see that I have not considered the true contents of that which exist in my mind where in looking at this contents I see that it is in a way a kind of photoshoped version of what is real, and so in my mind things are more ‘ideal’ so to speak and also within this, distorted because the idealism in the mind is only possible within the Mind! Meaning it cannot actually BE here as real reality because the mind does not follow Rules of Physical Reality and so thus I had not considered these rules in relation to where I have simply believed that what I see in my mind should be Here and should be real, when in fact the mental projections I have in my mind are not following the same rules as the physical realty and so what I am doing to myself is ultimately disempowering myself within this physical reality through by not constantly and consistently assisting and supporting myself to learn how this physical reality that I am in works and thus to learn to become effective within the rules of this physical reality  to truly support myself to my live within my full potential instead of never getting to the point of doing this due to having accepted and allowed myself to create myself in such a way where I’d give more attention to the mental projections in my mind and in this miss my real reality here, and missing leaning and discovering how this real reality works and so thus support myself to establish a practical functional relationship with my physical reality – something that has not happened due to accepting and allowing myself to just “want things to be better” instead of leaning how to in fact manifest this for real in my reality through and within my moment to moment, day to day expression and application.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop wanting things to be better from the perspective of where this becomes a hoping and wishing, but to within myself simply focus on my actual physical reality and what I can practical do day to day to support myself to make my physical reality as practical and functional as possible.

I commit myself to work with what is here and thus to simply do what it takes as that which I see it will practically take within and as functioning and operating within the rules, scenarios and circumstances of my actual real physical reality as how it is currently manifest in order to bring through a point of effective practical functionality of this reality. And so to do this instead of simply “wishing and wanting things to be easier” I realize that the stability and so thus the instability of my reality is directly related to how I am directing myself within my reality and so thus I here commit myself to stop wishing for stability to be here as I see that that does nothing. Rather I see the practical solution for this is to Direct Myself and my attention within applying myself in doing the practical actions that I have seen, realized, and understood  will support me within the context of what is practically physically in establishing and bringing through Stability.

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