Living Words: Flimsy and Strength – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 610

In writing about the word ‘Flimsy’ yesterday and now again reviewing it here today, as I was reading the points back to myself another dimension of the word ‘flimsy’ revealed itself in terms of how I see that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as this point of and as ‘flimsy’ within myself within my living and so end up having the consequences of such a ‘living’ manifest into the various aspects of my life.

The dimension I see here in terms of how I accept and allow myself to live-out this word flimsy within myself and within my reality is related to the point of when I say I am going to do something but then I don’t stick to it and in many cases I will quite quickly thereafter just go ahead and ‘brush off’ the commitment or decision I had made to myself and I will in this just go back on what I said.

I see that this has to do with the point of indulging myself in my wants, and desires, instead of maintaining a Stable Directive Stance of assistance and support towards/within myself within my process of supporting myself to live to my full potential and correcting and abusive living patterns/habits I have into patterns/habits of Self Support and Self Care

Here are some areas of my life that I will briefly outline where I see this ‘Flimsy’ making its mark.

Work : One area of my life where I see I do this is with my job where I will for instance practically look at what I require to do to be as effective as I can within my job and then I will decide “ok that is what I will do” but then sooner or later and often sooner, I will give up in applying myself in the way that I identified as being effective and supportive.

Sleeping Habbits: I also see this in other aspects and areas of my life as well. For instance in my sleeping habbits or patterns where I will know within myself that I am meandering into a questionable sleeping pattern but I will justify this to myself and simply allow myself to exist within such a pattern instead of taking a Stand within and as myself in really asserting myself as a point of Self Strength to not accept and allow myself to participate and exist within such questionable sleeping habbits.

Addiction: Another area where I see this word ‘flimsy’ existing as how I have accepted and allowed myself to move myself within it is the point of addictions where I will come up with justifications to facilitate moving into the point of not assisting and supporting myself to really Take a Stand on the points I am working with with regards to addictions towards/within certain points within myself/my life but to thus then in being flimsy, allow myself to indulge within such points even though I realize the detriment of doing this.

Daily Chores/Responsibilities: Another area where I see this word of ‘flimsy’ existing as myself is in relation to my daily responsibilities in terms of my writings, readings, study ect. Here I see I am quite flimsy in my approach to assisting and supporting myself to really apply myself effectively within such points where even though I know it is in my best interest to really support myself in this point as well as the other points I mentioned above, my approach to supporting myself is so flimsy where flimsy has ultimately become the overall expression of support towards myself and so thus is not in fact very supportive at all because within being flimsy, I will accept and allow myself to participate within and as justifications where I will talk myself out of actually “taking a firm and strong stand” within myself in relation to effectively supporting myself within my life and so I end up just becoming ineffective or/and creating a lesser version of myself than I know I am capable of being/living.

And so what I see here that is consistent within all these points I mentioned in how I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the application of ‘flimsy’ in relation to them, is that in each one of these points, I will allow myself to go into justifications and excuses, meaning where I will believe the justifications, or its not even that I will believe them but that I will simply use them to kind of build this logic or reason as to why I in a single moment, decide to not in fact do what is best for me but to just ‘go for the indulgence into the mind, into self interest, into energy experience, into being lazy, into just going for ‘what I want’ even if it actually compromise me in the long run and so yes an overall  point of indulgence and so the ‘flimsiness’ comes within those moments or that moment of exercising my justifications to allow myself to move into the act of indulging instead of Standing, instead of assisting and supporting myself to do what is actually Supportive for me. So it is this moment that I find to be quite fascinating. That moment when/where I finally decide to just say “fuck it”. Because from a certain perspective it does happen in a moment, though the ultimate living out and embodiment of this word of and as flimsy is more realized within the continuous ‘giving in’ in moments. Moment after Moment after Moment and thus these moments of indulgences and ‘giving in’ accumulate until I reduce and diminish myself into a point where I have become this full-on manifestation of ‘flimsy’ instead of having Stood in those such moments and accumulated myself within such moments of Standing into a point of Developing Self Strength where my Process of Self Support is underlined by the Living Word of Strength instead of Flimsiness. And so this is the word that I am assisting and supporting myself to practice within my life at the moment.

The Word of ‘Strength’ which is the Correction point of and as the word ‘Flimsy’ and so I am here committing myself to in such moments of where I see an opportunity to make a decision to either indulge in self interest, in wants, needs, desires, or to Stand and actually support myself to deveop myself into an effective living being that honors life within who I am and how I express and live me, I am committing myself and I do commit myself to Live/Practice and thus develop the Word ‘Strength’ as a living word of and as me, where instead of ‘giving in’, or ‘indulging’ as the living application of being Flimsy in my process of support, I instead stand facing the moment, and facing that point, that experience of wanting to give in and I take a breath and and I put my foot down as the statement of NO! I do not accept and allow myself to any further live out this word “flimsy” within and as myself but here commit myself to re-instruct myself to STAND, to NOT Give in, to NOT Indulge, but to Breath and Stand and to REMAIN Standing Here within and as my Stand of  Developing Self Strength for as long as it takes for the ‘urge’ or ‘want’ to indulge or ‘give in’ to be no more here and within and as this stand I assist and support myself to NOT participate with the back-chat as the voices of justifications that is coming up as temptations to use to justify ‘giving in’ and ‘indulging’ as I see that these ‘inner voices’ these ‘inner temptations’ only purpose is to pull me into the acceptance and allowance of ‘giving in’ of ‘indulging’ and and so I no more accept and allow myself to exist within and as the point of “flimsy” in regards to participating with these ‘inner back-chats’ once I have already see, realized, and understood, and made a decision to Stand, and so rather I commit myself to assist and support myself to Stand as Self Strength and Not Participate, but to remain focusing on my breath and breathing and Following Through on my Commitments I made to myself to Stand and actually Support myself within my process of Self Change from Flimsiness to Strength, from indulgence and giving in to Standing and Supporting myself in doing what in fact Best for Me to support me to live to my utmost potential within the context of equality and oneness and what is best for all.


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