What does it Mean to Have a Relationship with Oneself? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 608


A point started to come through recently in regards to the relationship that I have with myself. This concept of having a relationship with oneself for me has been a bit abstract at times since I was first introduced to this idea though recently I have started noticing/seeing an aspect of this that I had not as clearly seen before. So now it is to test this point out for myself to see if what I am seeing will actually produce a kind of change within myself, within my relationship to myself and my world within and through actually applying and exploring this point within my living.

The other day I was chatting with a friend and we were speaking about art and artists and the point of how for an artist it’s like they form a relationship with their art that is more important or valuable than the relationship that they actually have with themselves. And this is what I saw for myself and that this does not have to only be in relation to art but what I see is that this kind of relationship where “the thing one is doing” is the point that takes priority can be with all types of things one do in ones life where in this Self essentially becomes lost in relation to what one is doing. Self is forgotten about, ignored, missed, where all ones attention, for example with me in relation to my art – all my attention goes onto the art. Its about the art. And within this, I, myself go unnoticed where I don’t normally look at how I am experiencing myself or expressing Myself physically as I am making my art. I am more focused on the art piece and the results that are taking place there and then forming value according to how the art piece is turning out, not once giving any real value to myself within this. So here I see the necessity for a realignment of my priority here so to place Me as the primary focal point within my expression so to speak.

I want to place an excerpt from a blog I read last night which really supported me to start seeing what it means to have a relationship with oneself.

” Even other simple things can be a Self-Enjoyment, tending to one’s Physical Body – showering/bathing, really developing an equal and one relationship with the body as one wash oneself and really physically be here/present as one touch/caress/move with one’s Physical; when one go for walks/runs – to practise BREATHING, being HERE with the physical body as a self-enjoyment – in this, one transform one’s process of Self-Enjoyment into Physical Body equality and oneness, in being/becoming equal to and one with the Physical instead of participating in Mind Possessions when/as one should in fact be HERE with and as the Physical. – See more at: http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2012/11/self-enjoy-ment-part-2-day-221.html#sthash.ndk4tpV0.dpuf


Ok, so now what I was seeing when I read this is how with my art my total focus and attention gets placed outside of myself onto the art I am making and no attention or awareness is really placed here on myself where I am aware of myself as my human physical body in how I am expressing and moving myself in each moment, and so thus as I am making my art, I have no real relationship to Myself at all where in this I am really in fact neglecting myself. And so I end up living my life focusing my attention and awareness ‘out there’ onto what ever it is I might be doing in a moment and missing the one constant point that is Here within all of this – which is Me, Myself as my Human Physical Body. All this time, and I had never once considered making me the primary relationship as the point of focus and awareness within my living. The art I was making become more important than me, the food I eat became more important me, the people I was speaking to were more important than me, the TV I was watching was more important than more – all this time with my attention, focus and awareness ‘out there’

So the point that came through for me is to rather re-align my attention and my awareness onto myself Here as my Human Physical Body and thus re-align my self to have a more Direct Relationship with Myself in each moment.

How am I expressing myself when/as I am moving and directing my physical body as I am making art? How am I breathing? Am I comfortable in my body? Am I uncomfortable? How do I live and express enjoyment in and as my human physical body as I am making art, as I am driving my car, as I am cooking. How would I like to explore expressing me in this moment?

So here I want to test out this point of making Me as my human physical body the point of awareness and attention as I am move throughout my day no matter what it is, or what task I am doing, and so to within this assist and support myself to explore this point of establishing a DIRECT Relationship with Myself Here in each moment.

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