Education Disparity Between the Rich and Poor – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 604

One point that I have been investigating more closely in recent weeks is the relationship between Self Development and Words/Vocabulary.

In this I have been looking at ‘who I am’ in relation to this point and investigating what is the relationship between ‘who I am’ and the words I know and the definitions of those words.

I mean, It is said in the beginning of the bible that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

If I look around my room, everything I see has a word associated with it.

Its like just me sitting here in my room its like there are thousands of words all around me

And then we go and even give things that are not physical words also

I remember I never really became interested in reading until high school and college.
In my younger years, I don’t remember really having an interest for it.

I also remember reading, spelling, and language was not my strong point and I have had to now later in my life really make a point of working on my reading, writing, and communication.

In some of the most recent studies I have been reading on the relationship of vocabulary and early childhood development, that it is suggested that by the time a child reaches the age where they are ready to enter school, that “its already too late” meaning that the damage could already be done in terms of a childs ability to now develop effectively in their life.

Interesting that this is only coming out Now?

I mean, how long have we been on this planet?
How many generations of children have we raised?

Yet we still are at a point where we really don’t understand how we ourselves function.

Another interesting aspect of the studies I have been reading about is the point of low income vs high income families where they are finding children in higher income families are at an early age learning more words and thus developing at a more rapid pace where those in low income families are actually falling behind and this is being detected already at the age of 18 months.

Here is a link to one of the studies I found on this –

This has to do with obviously the education level of the parent also where children that hear more words due to having more highly educated parents are thus then developing more effectively.

From a certain perspective the Solution is actually quite simple in terms of one of the key components of childhood development being identified as words, so thus then parents can take a more active role in engaging their children in this crucial learning building block of a who a child will eventually become based on their level of vocabulary.

But on the other hand we have quite a problem because of the income disparity that is currently existing in our world where you have a small percentage of the population earning all the income with the majority struggling to get by.

And so we have created a kind of vicious cycle where then those children born into high income families will automatically have a greater opportunity to have a successful life where those born into lower income families are at a disadvantage and so the rich get richer and poor get poorer where at the moment there is absolutely no such thing as equal opportunity.

So what can be done about such an epidemic.

I would suggest to investigate the Living Income Guarantee Proposal. LIG is a proposed amendment of our current system to include a Guaranteed Income For All to end poverty and to provide a dignified Life for all which thus also would include/facilitate proper education because what evidence is suggesting is that millions and millions of individuals are not being properly educated which is having a detrimental impact on their quality of life and that based on the research that I have been investigating of late, one of the primary contributing factors in this is income level with those with lower income levels ending up with more severe learning deficiencies that limit their ability to actually become strong, effective, contributing members of society.

Now based on the ratio of low income to high income families, Id say we have quite a problem on our hands and thus which is why I highly recommend a Solution like the Living Income Guaranteed because this particular Solution is in fact addressing the enormity of the situation we have created for ourselves where if you look at other proposed ‘solutions’ like various other social programs like food stamps or welfare and things like that –they are merely acting as bandages on a fatal wound that requires a much more Global Consideration in terms of implementing a Solution that will actually correct the problem once and for all.



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