Understanding The Fine Print – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 603



In my last blog I was explaining the suggested process that was introduced in the most recent “Soul of Money” Interviews on Eqafe about the point of how to develop ones ‘Business Resolve’.

Now in the interviews it was suggested to investigate for oneself the points of




And in doing this to assist and support oneself to align ones relationship with these particular points in a way that stand equal and one with what is necessary to be able to run an effective business, thus here in realigning such relationships one will/would in effect be walking the process of developing and establishing ones ‘Business Resolve’.

In my last blog I briefly talked about my relationship with ‘People’ and how this relationship that I have towards the point of people is in fact somewhat dysfunctional where it is not standing/existing in such a way which would assist and support me within the necessary dimensions of running a business when it comes the aspect of ‘people’ within the context of how this related to running a business.

Today I realized another point of dysfunction within myself in relation to another one of the points that was mentioned in the interview.

The point is Business.

Now what I see is that each of these points; Business, Money, People, I have ultimately disempowered myself in relation to, throughout how I have accepted and allowed myself to live and program myself throughout my life and each points I am certain contain various dimensions that require to be addressed, walked through specifically in detail and corrected. Here, however I am more just sharing some of the more obvious points that have come up within me within simply looking at these points over the past few days.

Initially I wasn’t completely clear on the point of ‘business’ and I did not see anything prominently revealing itself as my main dysfunction so to speak, as the primary points I required  to work with and correct. Though today I realized just this.

So how am I not standing in and Equal and One relationship to the point of Business in such a way where I am able to simply walk the necessary points related to business in a way that facilitate me living an effective, stable business resolve?

I don’t like to read the fine print!

And this I see would actually be of great benefit in relation to becoming effective within oneself in relation to the point of business. To me “reading the fine print” is in a way quite symbolic of “The System”

Throughout my life growing up, this point of ‘reading the fine print’ or simply having the awareness to process information effectively, particularly when this pertains to “The System” was never part of my upbringing. Of course this was ‘important’ but it was never impressed upon me in a way where I understood the seriousness of what was at stake so to speak, and this in part had an affect on my life in this world, on my life in this system.

I ended up taking the ‘Artist Route’ within my life and I never liked ‘dealing with the system’ this was a limitation I accepted about myself and because “I never liked dealing with the system” I ended up becoming fucked by it.

I ended up with bad credit, lots of debt, behind in my taxes, no health care, working jobs where I lived paycheck to paycheck , overall, not really understanding how to actually navigate our current system effectively. Interestingly, I ended up this way, because I insisted “I did not like reading the fine print” or simply reading and understanding the information pertaining the proper functionality of an individual within this system. I mean my life could have actually been much different all the way up to how much money I earn monthly if I would have grasped the importance on understanding the fine print of this world. And so this is where I see my biggest accepted and allowed dysfunction that requires to be corrected in relation to the point of Business – because explicitly, business functions and operates in alignment with the rules, regulations and fine print of the system and so I see, realize, and understand that this is a point I must correct so to be able to stand within an equal and one relationship with the point of business so to be able to do what is necessary to make that particular point work and exist effectively. So I realize I must become affluent in the fine print, in reading, and comprehending the rules and regulations of the system so to be able to align the necessary points to position oneself and thus if necessary ones business in such a way that is most fortunate and advantageous.


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