Correcting My Relationship to People – An Artists Journey To Life : Day 602


Today I listened to the latest “Soul of Money” Interview on Eqafe. The main point being discussed was business ‘Resolve’, looking at the dimensions within why some people have more resolve while others have less.

Within the detailing of the ‘Solution’ placed to support individuals to develop their business resolve one suggestion was to have a look at the 3 priority components of building a business as outlined in the interview as 1. Business, 2. Money, 3. People. I would definitely recommend having a listen to this latest series of interviews on ‘building a business’ on eqafe as it goes into depth and specificity in relation to this specific relationship of 1.Business, 2.Money, 3.People.

In the interview it was mentioned as part of the process of developing ones ‘business Resolve,’ to ‘come to terms’ with  these 3 components  so that one does not have any hang-ups in relation to any of these points so that one can direct oneself in an equal and one relationship within them and in this simply do what is needed to be done without having reactions coming up due to how one had established ones relationship to any of these points (business/money/people).

So in looking at each of these 3 points, I can see I am definitely not standing within an equal and one relationship with these points from the perspective of being able to direct myself effectively in the necessary ways that is needed to run/contribute in a business. And I mean this is a problem that I have faced previously also.

The point that stood out to me in terms of where I see the most obvious dysfunctions is in relation to the point of ‘People’. I have found throughout my life that my ‘natural’ tendency was to avoid people and this ‘approach’ is actually detrimental to functioning effectively within a business because I am unwilling to navigate the human-to-human relationship side of establishing/running/participating within a business due to how I have accepted and allowed myself to create/program myself throughout my life in relation to the point of ‘people’, where my ‘preferences’ I have programmed into me is not in fact supportive, and in no way facilitate the point of functioning effectively within a business.

So I require to address this point as well as ‘come to terms’ with the other 2 components mentioned (business, money). Doing this to clear myself so that I can stand in an Equal and One relationship within these 3 primary components of the business dynamic so that I am able to become effective in this point. So to do this I will be walking a process of Writing, Self Forgiveness, and Self Corrective Application to realign myself within and as this/these point(s).

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