Some Changes in My Writing Process – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 601


So here I am going to write my blog and just see what is here. I have not written my blog in 5 days which is the longest stretch of time of not writing since I started this process of ‘daily writing’.

Within myself I reached a point where I just ‘could not write anymore’. What I mean specifically by this is that I made a decision a couple weeks ago to let go of the point of ‘writing daily’ or ‘close to daily’. Up to that time I was much more strict with myself to write daily only ever missing a day or 2 in between where it was ‘really rare’ to ‘almost never’ where Id miss 3 days in a row. But then about 2 or 3 weeks ago I reached a point within myself of ‘letting go of this point’.

This decision was made in relation to my process thus far and a few points that was coming up during that time.

One of the points was my experience in relation to ‘writing a daily blog’ where it seemed that ‘the number’ was of more value to me than the actual content of the blog I was writing.

So I pushed this point within myself by deliberately not writing my blog every day because then what would take place is that “I would fall behind” in terms of how I was noticing that I was so preoccupied and focused on this point of comparison and competition and so that was one of the points that I was playing with that initially was part of the longer lay-off with my blog.

But ultimately a point that came up within me was in relation to my actual own personal process and how yes, I was quite focused and I would even say ‘caught up’ with or ‘possessed’ by making sure I was ‘writing daily’ but then yet within all this, within after even writing nearly 600 blogs what I was finding was that still, after all this, I was still not moving effectively within my process and fundamentally I was not changing. And so it was in relation to this that I just said to myself “Ok, I am just going to let this point go and see what happens” where this kind of a point of changing it up and a point of also questioning in a way – Why am I not changing. And so I did not ‘care’ so much if I posted a daily blog where I was rather more caring about “ok wtf is going on here – why am I not changing’ and so I just let go of that point of ‘writing daily’ in terms of my blog anyways. I continued to write for myself and just paused for a moment on the daily publishing of a blog, to see if I noticed any changes.

In a way I was kind of ‘at a loss’ as well for what was going on and so thus when it came to writing I was obviously more comfortable just writing to myself because then I would not have to worry about confusing anyone else because I mean, I was ‘at a loss’ with points within myself and so the pause with the blogging and then just doing the writing for myself was more just to ‘get back to myself’ and/or get some clarity.

Overall I am satisfied with the journey to life blog writing process so far for if anything, supporting me to become a more effective writer. I am by no means that great, but I am getting a strong grasp on the basic process of writing and that alone is worth the blogging.

So I have decided to write here after about 5 days. And will continue (of course) walking my Journey To Life and using this space to assist myself in my process to get to understand me, understand the world, educate, share, expand, investigate, and become effective within my process – this process – of Self Change and Self Transformation.

At the end of the day The process of Self Transformation is clearly necessary on earth. I have not been as effective at it as I would have liked but I know that these blogs and this process of daily writing has been undeniably Supportive.


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